Anyone feeling that they aren't doing a very good job explaining why Darhk is so dangerous or really giving Oliver a reason to really go after him other than hes the bad guy? They nailed tieing Slade in with the flashbacks and really making him threatening and gave him a real motive. I feel like Darhk is falling too much into that Ras category of being way too vague in his purpose and not really being threatening. Also I'm over the flashbacks. Unless Reiter shows up in present day, I just don't have any interest in that story line. They kinda just suck time from each episode and don't feel like they belong when they show up.

Oliver has fought Darhk twice now and we really didn't get much action from either meeting. We need something like what happened with Zoom. Zoom shows up and hands a beatdown to Barry and now its like well Zoom is rediculously powerful and the show can now spend time to get Barry ready to fight him. Arrow leaves me wondering why dont they just go after Darhk right now? Other than a little magic, he really hasn't shown that hes all powerful. 


I feel like its definetly Lance who is gonna die now since they are giving him a relationship with Felicity's mom.

That guy hitting on Thea has to be evil right? I feel like there isn't many reasons to have him on the show unless thats the case.