Predictions for the Season 2 Finale and synopsis for Season 3 of The Flash

These are just a few ideas I have, not saying they are going to happen but that's why they are theories. I could be completely wrong.

  • Barry is going to kill someone. Presumably Zoom- whom we now know is Jay Garrick/Hunter Zoloman. We've only caught glimpses of The Flash's darker side- probably because The Flash is supposed to be the light-hearted jokester of the Justice League compared to Bats and CW's version of Green Arrow. But last season as Flash was entering the Speed Force in the finale to go back and save his mom we caught a few glimpses of events happening in the multi colored timeline. Among the teases of the Flash museum and Killer Frost (whom we saw back on Earth 2 not that many episodes ago) 
    there was a scene with Barry in jail. At first glance it appears as if it's just another scene of him visiting his dad, Henry Allen (John Wesley Shipp who also played Flash in the 1990's show) but upon closer inspection you can see that that is not the case. There are handcuffs around his wrists and he dons a prison jumpsuit. I can't remember where I read this (it may be false) but I believe writers said Barry in prison wouldn't happen until Season 3. If that's the case, it isn't too much of an impossible jump to assume that may be the opening of Season 3- have Barry kill someone in the finale of Season 2 and go to jail for it by Season 3. TAKE NOTE THAT: Grant says that the image Barry saw of himself in jail in the Speed Force was not from an alternate timeline, and that the writers might heavily draw from "The Trial of The Flash" comic, where Barry is incarcerated for manslaughter when he accidentally kills one of his enemies,[9] but will probably get its own season.[10
  • Zoom is Hunter Zoloman, not Jay Garrick. I'm not sure where Jay really fits into this, or which earth he is really from. In the comics, Jay Garrick was a speedster before Barry and lived on the same earth - I think?- so CW is taking a different approach. But, Hunter Zoloman is a name known widely through Flash Comic-book history and is famous for being one of his biggest foes. Zoloman is also known for destroying The Flash Museum often and being the third of the Reverse-Flash's in the comics. He was actually mainly Wally Wests foe- after Wally was Kid Flash of course (these DC timelines are hecka confusing). Hopefully we already knew this but (even though there's a spoiler alert at the top of the blog) Wally West dons the Scarlet Speedsters leather spandex after Barry sacrifices himself in Crisis on Infinite Earths. I seriously doubt that we'll see Wally as The Flash anytime soon- if ever- but he may be Kid Flash by Season 3. CW, you think your so subtle when your dropping hints about how much Wally loves speed? 
  • I think Season 3 will focus more on teamwork, not that Season 2 and Season 1 haven't. What I mean by that is: Justice League. (See "Is CW Building a Justice League of America" Below in it's own category).
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    Which one disappeared? Do tell Barry. Do tell.

    Season 2's finale might result in Henry Allen's, Barry's father, death. Not to sound inconsiderate, but Henry Allen doesn't have much of a role to play in The Flash's story- other than being motivation to deafeat Zoom. He's awesome but there's nothing more heartbreaking than Barry losing both parents- and CW is cruel enough to do that to us.  Henry is out of jail now and roaming DC campgrounds- his part in campgrounds so his participation in The Flash's story is pretty much done. If Zoom kills Henry that could push Barry to kill Zoom- which would result in him being in jail  by Season 3 (which relates back to bullet point #1). And, in the extended trailer- this may be wishful thinking (but the again isn't all of this?)- at 0:40 seconds when Barry's screaming his heart out on that grassy ledge it almost sounds like he's screaming "dad" doesn't it? What could cause him to scream this way, other than the death of his dad? Orrrrrr something completely unrelated and this entire paragraph I wrote is utter bullcrap. And going back to the idea that he might kill someone- it could be an accident that he kills Zoom or whatever but they don't have to follow the comics exactly. He could purposely do it. Or he could make it an accident but really not feel bad about it. I dunna know. Butttt if that's true then Season 3 could take a break from Reverse Flash's and focus on Barry's struggle in jail which could be mighty swell.
The Flash Season 2 Zoom's Coming Extended Trailer HD!01:16

The Flash Season 2 Zoom's Coming Extended Trailer HD!

At around 0:40 it sounds a bit like he's yelling "dad" doesn't it?

Is CW building a Justice League of America?

  •  Now, there's a crap ton of complications with all those copyright things and whatever going on with DC and Warner Brothers. But, even if we don't get a complete Justice League with Superman and good ole Batsy, maybe we'll get a Justice League of America. (For those who don't know, Justice League of America was one of first teams before what we have today.) I went through all the characters we've seen or been hinted at (except the Bruce Wayne newspaper from episode 1 in Season 1 of the Flash- I highly doubt we'll ever see Batman on the small screen while Ben Affleck's Batman is around). Here is the list I came up with of characters that we have seen on Flash, Arrow, Supergirl Legends of Tomorrow (I don't watch Supergirl though, so I can't say much for that). Season 3 could be the start of building the Justice League of America for Earth 1- because we now know that the movies (Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad) take place on Earth 0. 
  • This new bullet point is still on topic with what I was talking about in the last bullet point (above) but now we'll be talking about my opinions of why. Now, Justice League of America has had so many editions and changes and comics that it can be confusing. But all these characters have been hinted at or seen on the Cw. Jesse Quick is Harrison Well's daughter from Earth 2. Huntress was a villain in Arrow's Season 1. Cisco may grow into his potential as Vibe in Season 3. We saw the Clock King in Season 1 of Flash and Katana has been on Arrow multiple times. Aquaman was hinted various times in "Welcome to Earth 2" when Nora Allen mentioned Atlantis. All these characters could make up their own tv-based Justice League without hindering the success of big screen Justice League (which we probably won't even see in full until around 2020). Now, the Green Lanterin thing could be difficult, but we have gotten multiple teases of Hal Jordan- heck, Flash spends his free time running around Flash spends his free time running around Ferris Air which is a direct slap in the face.