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  • I am the Red Hood
  • HunterofArtemis12

    These are just a few ideas I have, not saying they are going to happen but that's why they are theories. I could be completely wrong.

    • Barry is going to kill someone. Presumably Zoom- whom we now know is Jay Garrick/Hunter Zoloman. We've only caught glimpses of The Flash's darker side- probably because The Flash is supposed to be the light-hearted jokester of the Justice League compared to Bats and CW's version of Green Arrow. But last season as Flash was entering the Speed Force in the finale to go back and save his mom we caught a few glimpses of events happening in the multi colored timeline. Among the teases of the Flash museum and Killer Frost (whom we saw back on Earth 2 not that many episodes ago) there was a scene with Barry in jail.…

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