Rex Tyler's appearance in the DC's Legends of Tomorrow season finale was a game changer. While it totally destroyed my personal theories for Season 2 (that Patrick Adams was playing Adam Strange and Rann/Thanagar would be the predominant conflict), this revelation opens up a world of possibilites for the numerous DC characters that will be appearing next fall! As such, I've decided to make a list detailing a number of prominent JSA members from the comics, and thrown in my two-cents as to their likelihood of appearing on the show. Obviously these are my own theories, but feel free to share yours as well!


With Hourman confirmed, the following characters are bound to show up in some form or another, given their status as Golden Age members of the JSA and the references to their characters already made in the first season.

  • Starman
    • He had a small nod during the episode Marooned, and additionally is a well-regarded legacy character who could serve as the male character currently being cast for next season. He's also one of the oldest members of the JSA, and is highly regarded among fans, which could make him an extremely popular addition.
  • Doctor Mid-Nite
    • His blackout bombs were shown to be aboard The Waverider thanks to LoT's Instagram account; while not a founding member, he and his various incarnations have long been associated with the team.
  • Sandman
    • A founding member of the JSA, and a character who's gadgets have also been featured through the LoT Instagram. Aside from his prophetic dreams, little to no special effects are required, and his character's weapon could function in a similar fashion to the gun John Diggle utilizes as Spartan.


The heroes below have strong ties to the JSA, but due to behind the scenes or logistical/continuity reasons may not be able to appear in the show.

  • Spectre
    • This is a tough call to make. As much as I would love to see a live-action version of the Spectre on the CW, Jim Corrigan already exists within the Arrowverse, having appeared in two episodes of Constantine, and the role might have to be recast if the previous actor has other commitments or straight up decides not to take part in DC's Legends of Tomorrow. While some prominent characters (such as Sara Lance) have been recast in the past, it's been a long time since Berlanti and the other higher ups have recast a recurring character. It's also possible of course that the version of the Spectre on the JSA could be a different charaacter altogether, given the nature of the being's powers, but this also brings up the questions of CGI budget for his abilities and if his power levels would match the near omnipotentence of his comic book counterpart.
  • Doctor Fate
    • Despite being another CGI-heavy character, Fate is probably more likely to appear as a part of the JSA given the small nods to the character witnessed in Constantine. Unfortunately, he still could probably go either way at this point, but here's hoping - he deserves some time in the spotlight, and it would be a great way to continue to rope Constantine into the interwoven continuity of the Arrowverse.
  • Atom
    • While a founding member of the JSA and a character who would require fewer special effects than the two supernatural powerhouses above, Berlanti may end up discarding the idea given that he shares the same identity as Ray Palmer. Again, hopefully we'll see Atom in some fashion.
  • Green Lantern
    • When it comes to the JSA, Alan Scott is about as iconic as they come. However, once again there's the issue of portraying his powers on-screen - but given Berlanti's love for the Green Lantern mythology, there's a strong case to be made that Scott will show up in some fashion next season, especially since Berlanti has been given essentially creative free roam to head in almost any direction he wants with the show.


These characters have already appeared in some fashion within the Arrowverse, and their inclusion as members of this incarnation of the JSA unfortunately seems unlikely given the current continuity.

  • Hawkman
    • Despite being a founding member, he left with Kendra Saunders at the end of the season and Berlanti has already indicated that for now this chapter of their story has come to an end. It's unlikely that his role will mirror that of his comic book counterpart, if the character shows up at all next season.
  • Hawkgirl
    • The same argument applies here; her arc has concluded within the show at this point and, from what I understand, Ciara Renée has reportedly already moved on to other projects.
  • Wildcat
    • Ted Grant played a recurring role as mentor to Laurel Lance during Arrow's third season, and it's extremely unlikely that he will be a member of this incarnation of the JSA. There's also the question of whether or not the actor would be willing to return to the role.
  • Power Girl
    • Berlanti has already indicated that we'll most likely be seeing some version of Kara Danvers in the Arrowverse shows next fall, but has hinted that the version we see may not be the same Supergirl that we're already familiar with. It's a clever nod to Power Girl, and given her history with the JSA I had to include her on the list. Unfortunately, due to Melissa's full-time involvements with Supergirl, the most we'll be seeing of Power Girl (if we see her at all) will likely be a cameo or guest appearances. Still, having her team up with the JSA would be a fun nod to her adventures with the team in the comics.
  • Mister Terrific
    • Curtis Holt has already been confirmed as main cast for Arrow Season 5, which makes it highly unlikely that he will be a member of the initial incarnation of the JSA.
  • Flash
    • Oh Jay Garrick, you poor soul. While many fans (myself included) are under the assumption that the man in the iron mask is the 'real' Jay, we don't have any confirmation of this yet - but since this incarnation of the JSA seems to be younger and based around Earth One, it's unlikely that even if it was Jay Garrick that he would be able to be a part of the team. Additionally, it's been hintered that Wesley Shipp's Henry Allen is the true Earth One equivalent of Jay, and assuming his Earth Two counterpart looks the same, this would require Shipp to have a regular presence aboard DC's Legends of Tomorrow, something that is unfortunately somewhat unlikely to happen.

Well, for now, that's all she wrote! Feel free to offer your own theories or comments on my own in the comments below!