So I've watched the Flash's episode "Potential Energy" and i'm wondering a few things. Is Patty really leaving? Is Barry going to tell her he is the Flash? If Patty leaves is she coming back? 

I think that Barry is not going to try to stop Patty from leaving because he loves her and if that's her dream then he will have to let her go.. but is that mean that that she won't find out that Barry is the Flash? If she does is she is going to stay? if she doesn't and she leaves is she coming  back? I really thought that she will be a main character.. 

Another thing i'm wondering is there a chance Jay to be Zoom? Because in the end of the episode, when Caitlin said to him lets's stop Zoom he looked so strange like he didn't want to stop him.. BUT if he is Zoom then why he forced Wells to make Barry faster if he could do it by himself..

One more thing... Eobard Thawne. Most probably he'll be Flash's enemy but do you think he might not?

Please tell me what you think.