All in all, it's a promising start to Season 2.

Starting this episode, I was getting a little tired. When Barry was feeling guilty, I figured he was talking about Eddie until we saw the flashback with Firestorm. Poor Caitlin just can not catch a break, can she?

There were a lot of great things in this episode, and they all went well together. There was darkness, plenty of really awesome Easter Eggs (I read about it in a comic book somewhere), some happy moments, and some heart-clenching ones. And we now have the white Flash logo.

It was nice to see that Barry is still trying to make a difference, showing that he is a hero no matter what, as opposed to the sometimes selfish Oliver Queen. Joe is great as always. I really enjoy having Stein as a part of the crew: he's already starting to seem like a better father figure than Wells ever was to Cisco.

Speaking of Wells, the video will of Wells/Eobard was really interesting. Thawne has always been a very flip-flop character, where you know he's totally nuts, but you can sort of see from his perspective, even if it's totally off. It makes me curious to see what role Tom Cavanagh is going to have.

The scene with Henry was touching. I didn't quite get why Henry was leaving at first, but then again, I'm not a dad. It was definitely the most emotionally gripping scene in the entire episode.

The only thing that didn't really work was Atom-Smasher. He was just a vehicle to drive the plot forward, and it felt like it. He posed a threat to the Flash because the Flash was looking for a fight. It kind of felt like the annoying kid who kept poking you until you punch back.

I'm curious to see Zoom. The Jay Garrick cameo at the end was awesome. It makes me think that Ronnie might still be alive, just in Earth-2. And it also makes me wonder if Killer Frost is going to be Caitlin-2 rather than the Caitlin we know and love.

Final score: 8.4/10.