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  • Gogobell

    Hello everyone, it is everywhere on social medias and on the Flash news, who is Zoom?

    The THEORY I have for you is going to RETURN YOUR MIND! Everything works at 100% and it is easy to understand, I will use simple words. First of all, let me establish to you the characters.

    Jay Garrick of Earth 1 = Died at birth, was the twin brother of Hunter Zolomon1

    Jay Garrick of Earth 2 = Man locked in Zoom's secret layer with the mask, was the twin brother of Hunter Zolomon2 and was the Flash of Earth 2

    Hunter Zolomon 1 = The associate of Zoom and the "false" Jay Garrick we see during the season, was the twin brother of Jay Garrick1

    Hunter Zolomon 2 = Zoom, was the twin brother of Jay Garrick2

    It may seem weird for your right but here is the theory that w…

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