Caitlin In The Comics Became Killer Frost,But Is There A Chance She May Become Killer Frost,Yes,And Here Is Why

She Has Lost Alot In Her Life,She Lost Her Husbend,The Man Who She In Love With( Until Team Flash Figured Out He was Zoom)When She Got Kidnapped,Killer Frost Said Something About Her Brother,Caitlin's Family History Will Be Revealed Maybe She Had A Brother Who Died At Young Age And Her Mom Just Did Not Tell Her About It.Maybe If Her And Barry Get Together At Some Point (Not Saying I Am A Snowberry Shipper) Maybe Barry Does Something To Make Her Angry And She Has The Last Straw.Also Cisco Did Not Have Powers Until He Figured Out He Had Powers Maybe It Is The Same Way With Caitlin.These Are All Possibiltys,Not Saying She Will Become Killer Frost Just Saying She May.

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