So this season of flash ended about two or three months ago and... It was... I don't even know, it wasn't good but it wasn't bad, so here today I'm listing reasons why this season of flash was lackluster.

Too many forgotten sub plots

Cisco's dead brother? Forgotten. Barry gets fired? Forgotten. Even Dr. Alchemy was forgotten... Flashpoint was wasted so badly... When doing a sub plot, STICK TO THEM! Well they did with one but it didn't turn out great... But we'll get to that. But I hope next season is able to stick to their sub plots

Too much love

Seriously, cisco got a love interest, joe got one (Because...reasons), Barry has one, caitlin has one like jesus, I wanna see my flash kicking ass not tapping it, nothing against love sub plots just don't let it take up 90% of the season....COUGHsupergirlCOUGH

Too many fillers

Seriously, counting main plot episodes and fillers (excluding the first 9 episodes cause they were starting up the main plot) There were 8 main plot episodes... And 7 fillers! 7?! Too...many....freaking....fillers.

The mfing killer frost sub plot

This sub plot got on my last nerves, it was litterally live action frozen..... And I hate frozen. This can get many episodes but flashpoint can only get one...

Dragging out the savitar plot

Seriously, barry didn't have to go to the future, he could've went 48 hours before, figured out what happened and went from there. Plus they did something else with savitar that I'll talk about in a moment but seriously, this plot was so easy to solve... And last but not least

Dragging out savitar's identity

Omg, Barry being savitar would be surprising... If everyone on the internet hadn't said he was savitar. Dragging out his identity was so stupid, he should've been revealed by episode 15. This was a fail

I'm not making this blog to hate on flash, again I'm not. I'm not pulling a imperixseed by saying I won't watch the show anymore but watches the next episode, I like this show and I wish better for it. Come on flash... Do better than this