Alright I know, I already pissed off 17 fanboys with the title and I pissed off 17 more by calling them fanboys but before I say this I like the flash! I'm not trying to pull a imperixseed by saying i'm not watching the flash anymore then watch the next episode. This is coming from a flash fan.

Most Episodes Feel Like Fillers

I count up all the episodes this season and a few had something to deal with the plot of this season and that sounds like something arrow would do but not flash...I'm pissing off some many fanboys

The Killer Frost Sub Plot Became Boring

After a while the Caitlin became so annoying to a point of most people saying "Choose a side dammit." I'm just glad it's over...I pissed off a SB shipper

The Iris Plot Is Easy To Solve

Isn't so easy just to go 48 hours before iris died and see what happened for it to happen? But no we gotta drag out plots...I pissed off 67 fanboys now

It Feels Like Some Characters Were Dumbed Down

Barry would've been smart enough to erase this timeline by stopping himself from going to his mother's house, he would've know earlier to go to the future? Did flashpoint kill his brain?...Seed loves me now

Most Of The Season Is Honestly Boring

This season doesn't feel like a good season, there were a few good episodes but most episodes were filler or just plain boring...Everyone hates me now

Alright I in no way want to spread hate to this show, I like this show. I just wanna see better from the show. As a fan of this show I can say when it's good and bad and right's getting bad. Come on flash we know you are better then this I am Vengance, I am the night, I AM BATMAN- Gifist8 (talk) 00:55, April 11, 2017 (UTC)