So the season 5 main villain is a archer named Prometheus so many theories have been going around on who he is, so I am making a list on the people he may be

Robert Queen:

So it is possible that Robert queen is Prometheus that could be the reason that we saw him in that picture for the 100th episode.

Tommy Merlyn:

So this theory has been going around for a very long time so people think that Tommy could have been resurrected by Malcolm during the time he was the head of Loas but this is less possible because the acter who plays Tommy is on another show

Detective Malone:

So I think this is more likely to happen because of his actions it is possible that he could be using Felicity to get to the green arrow plus there is a band of corrupt cops he may be behind that

Anyway these are theories on who Prometheus is write your theories in the comment section I think he may be Malone but anyway byee😀 Gifist8 (talk) 16:15, October 14, 2016 (UTC)