So there has been a lot of bad moments in DC, some of them made you wonder "Is this a joke?" And i'm here to say the top 5 worse moments in DC animation, TV and movies

5: Jared Leto's Joker (Suicide Squad)

So alot of people hated Jared leto's joker mostly because he didn't really act great. And also it just seemed he was on cocaine, meth, heroine, viagra, acid and of course.....bill cosby's pills and this is just...not a good moment for DC

Fucked Up Meter: 3

4: The Killing Joke Sex Scene (The Killing Joke)

So the killing joke was DC's first R rated animated film....and it failed.......hard. Mostly because of the first 30 minutes being a batgirl movie (Save it for the batgirl movie) And also a scene which caused this movie to bashed by.....everyone. Batman and Batgirl having sex? On a rooftop? The fuck? This was fucked up because batman is in his 30s - 40s and batgirl is like.....16-21? Then this is your best friend's daughter! I blame barry!

Fucked Up Meter: 7

3: The Arrow Season 3 & 4 Controversy (Arrow)

So this has a little bit of explaining to do, so both of these seasons were fucking terrible. Even making people wonder if they were going to watch season 5, and one moment which we will talk about later was the worse. Arrow season 3 was a masterpiece compared to 4 cause OMFG 4 was a badly written soap opera!

Fucked Up Meter: 9

2: Batman V Superman (BvS)

This movie.....I don't know what it was but it was terrible, especially after that Martha scene. This movie was worse then suicide squad. 2 hours of the 2 hours and 30 minutes was talking and the Martha scene...OMFG. This was my face throughout the whole movie

Fucked Up Meter: 8

1: Laruel's death (Arrow)

During season 4, an episode caused alot of fans to boycott the show (For like two episodes) This was the black canary's death. This was mostly because it felt like arrow was just sucking the olicity fan's dick. Then they wasn't going to bring her back so it felt like a FUCK YOU to comic fans and that's why this is number one

Fucked Up Meter: 10

Anyway that's the list, if any of you have anything to add put it in the comments