In 1 Month The Flash On This Day In October Will Be Back but there are a few things I want from the season

5.Don't Overflow The Episodes With Iris And Barry

So We All know That Barry with be with Iris after all of this Flashpoint stuff is over and I'm okay with that but don't make 40 minutes of the episode about Barry and Iris

4.Have Caitlin's Mom In Only 1-2 Episodes

So Caitlin's mom will be in season 3 but please don't Caitlin's mom a main character on The Flash Have her on 1 or 2 Episodes That Way Caitlin Does Not Turn Into Felicity

3.Dont Make The Musical Episode Cringy As F**K

TMC Is Pretty Much Confirmed At First I Thought It Would Be CringeWorthy But Then I thought about all the things we could get from this so music meister could come mind control flash or Supergirl or they could get transported to a alternate universe.

2.Maybe An Upgraded Suit For The Flash??

Arrow is getting a upgraded suit, diggle is getting a upgraded helmet, why not flash?

1.Make Flashpoint Awesome As Sh*t

im Excited to all the things flashpoint changed but now that the rival is here I'm even more excited

No Matter what Happens i think we are due for a awesome Seasom