So there is a lot of good moments in the Arrowverse, funny and sad but I will be talking about the most sad moment that depressed us or even made us shed a tear.

5.Barry Phases Out Of A Cell (Episode 14 Season 2 Flash)

This Moment shows that if you believe in yourself you can do anything and barry learns how to phase though cells and his earth 2 counterpart gives him a speech.

4.Tommy Merlyn Dies (Episode 23 Season 1 Arrow)

So during the undertaking Tommy had to sacrifice himself to save his girlfriend Larual lance and before he dies, Oliver and his friend Tommy have one more word and Oliver says "It Should Have Been Me".

3.Cisco Dies (Episode 15 Season 1 Flash)

This left many fans in shock and also crying. One of the most loved characters in the was killed but don't worry flash ran back in time and changed the timeline so he is alive.

2.Black Canary Dies (Episode 18 Season 4 Arrow)

When the BC died, it made many fans sad and also was performed well to a point where you felt it but the death of BC did not sit well with some fans.

1.Barry Talks to His mom (Episode 23 Season 1 Flash)

Barry went back in time to save his mom (in season 1 not 2) but he did not save his mom that time but dicided to talk to his mom one more time and it was heartfelt and also hit the hearts of many fans.

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