Season 2 Of Flash Had Really Great Moments That Left you In Shock But I Will Tell You Ten of My Faviorite Moments in the season.WARNING:BLOG CONTAINS SPOILERS

10:The Interduction Of Jay Garrick,Jay Garrick Is A beloved character,it was fun to see him in the show,even though he turned out to be zoom,he still had a big impact on all flash fans.

9:The Flash & Arrow Crossover,I liked the crossover because it was a fun episode to watch,plus the first time we see hawkman and hawkgirl.

8:Zoom's Backstory,Zoom's backstory made him look like a real serial killer after all the things he went through,plus him and Barry are the same,if Barry did not have someone to take him in,I think he would be zoom.

7:Zoom's Badass Doings,Zoom Was A Badass Throughout The Whole Season,His fights with Barry,his demonic voice,killing killer frost by phasing through Caitlin.he was a great villian next to Deathstroke.

6:The Black Siren,The doppleganger of larual lance was definetly awesome,she is a metahumen,and looks like her in the comics,hopefully she can come back in a future episode.

5:Barry Gives Up His Speed To Zoom,When Barry gave up his speed he showed that he will do anything to keep his friends safe,even if it mean giving up something you love.

4:All Flash vs Zoom Fights,All of there fight were awesome in so many ways because all of them were fight that would keep fans glued to the tv and all of them had amazing cgi and great acting.

3:The Second Particle Acculater,The Scene Was Great because Barry finally meets the speed force,Jessie and Wally are hit by the I dreaming.

2:THE BLACK FLASH!!!!!!,In The Season Finale Of Flash Season 2,The time wriths took zoom to the speedforce and in the time,zoom becomes the black flash,who is a very evil speedster who take speedster who need to be dead

1:FLASHPOINT,After Barry Kisses Iris,He goes back in time to save his mother and messes up the whole timeline,and that happened in the flashpoint

Honorable Mentions:Zoom Kills Henry,Reverse Flash And Barry Talk in 2x11 And 2x17,Zoom Identity Reveal,King Shark And Zoom Kidnaps Caitlin