Disclaimer: This Blog is not targeted at all olicity fans,this is only targeted at the bad ones I see online,and yes I do not ship felicity and Oliver or Barry and Caitlin matter of fact I don't even ship,and there will be a few cuss words and spoilers.also I don't have a problem if you ship this unless you are one of the fans I am talking About.

If you don't what olicity is first of all what rock have you been living under but olicity is a ship that wants Oliver and felicity to be together but there are a few fans that kind of piss me off

Cyberbullying of Katie Cassidy and Stephen amell's wife:

So one these bad olicity fans had a record of going on Twitter to in a way cyberbully Katie Cassidy (girl who plays black canary) because she show up to fucking events after being killed off (not like the guy who plays Tommy does that)and also think that she is "fake" and "is getting in the way of Oliver and felicity".and also go on Twitter to harass Stephen amell's wife and consistently tell him to get a divorce and Stephen has came out before and said to stop and this brings us on to our next topic

Shipping Stephen and Emily

Alright these "Fans" don't only ship Oliver and Felicity but they ship Stephen and Emily not only is a Invasion of privacy it is also pretty fucking creepy and this is where Stephens wife gets involved so they harass his wife because they want these two to be together.shipping this is like shipping wwe superstars it's creepy


These shippers are also hypocrites like they can say anything they want about Black canary but if you say something about Felicity they immediately freak out like I understand you don't want to have your favorite character being shit talked but don't be a hypocrite about it

Wanting olicity to be in EVERYTHING

Well they also want olicity to be in everything and they ask for things like black canary to be killed off (Don't understand why everyone is not over this by now)and worst thing about this is that the producers Listen to these fans.They should not listen to these crazy fans matter of fact they should not listen to any of the fans,the only ideas they should do is ones that come there minds.

Anyway I don't like these fans but there are some decent olicity fans and also don't take any of this seriously this is simply my opinion and what you think of this in the comments Gifist8 (talk) 23:28, October 2, 2016 (UTC)