So Flash And Arrow Getting Closer And Closer So I am going to make a review on the latest season


The Season starts off 6 months after the season 1 events and in that time Cisco works with joe at the police station,Barry works at star labs by himself,and Caitlin works at a research lab named Mercury labs and Barry talks to Iris later in the episode and Barry does not feel like a hero because of what happen on the day of the singularity, a flashback shows that the day the singularity happened, firestorm stopped the singularity so Barry would rather avoid Caitlin because he could not save Ronnie who "Died". So later he decides to be in team flash again but after they all are back together a man shows up who is named jay Garrick (btw star labs needs a better security System)now we get into the big plots of the season.

So The flash Faced a person named atom smasher and defeated him but he said that he was working for a man named zoom and jay talked about a man named zoom and Barry does not trust "jay".But he seems to be the real jay Garrick and Caitlin seems to be interested. But we see zoom talking to a man named sand demon (Not related to sandman from marvel).and then flash and jay get to face sand demon. And at the end of the episode he starts to trust jay but it gets weird when earth 2 dr wells and exposes Jay and says he ran from zoom and would not defeat zoom

In later episodes Barry is dating joe's new partner patty who grows suspicious of Barry and also Barrys dad is out of prison because evil wells confessed on a video tape and also Good wells decides to work with zoom and steal flashes speed to get his daughter back.

So zoom is a evil speedster who wants to be the only speedster in the muitiverse and will kill anyone who gets in his way like when zoom won't give well's daughter back until good wells gives zoom all of Barrys speed but sense zoom won't give wells his daughter back he is going to have to steal his daughter back so Barry, Cisco and Good wells go to earth 2 and Barry gets captured by zoom and there seems to be a man in the iron mask but Barry escapes and goes back to earth 1 but after they get back zoom kills Jay and team flash is devastated

Later zoom reveals himself to be Jay Garrick whos real name is hunter Zolomen, when he was a kid he watched his dad murder his mom and has been messed up ever sence but zoom is sick because he too much velocity 6 and Barrys speed is the cure but Barry gives up his speed that way he can keep his friends safe but after Barry gives up his speed zoom kidnaps Caitlin and it get even harder when flash has no speed but good wells gives him a idea to recreate the particle acculater explosion but barry gets trapped in the speedforce in the process but gets out

The season finale is awesome. Barry is mad and wants to kill zoom because zoom killed Barrys dad and team flash locks Barry in a cell to calm him down but it only makes Barry even more mad and they let him out and they defeat zoom but after Barry feels he has lost everything and kisses Iris but after he goes back in time and saves his mom

This season was very good but there was a few moments that made me mad and the thing that bothered me the most was the fact that flash killed one of his Villians and the time Revenents thing was kind of confusing but in all it was fun, had sad moments and good moments

The Flash Season 2 8/10

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