So with flash season 3 and arrow season 5 coming up I am going to review both seasons of flash and the four seasons of arrow but today we will be talking about flash season 1.SPOILER ALERT

So A Guy named Barry Allen is living in central city and he is still dramatized by the fact that is mom is dead and nobody believed the story that he has told, his story is that a man in yellow was attacking his mother but his dad went to prison for the murder although the man in the yellow framed Henry Allen(Barry"s Father)and Barry is very sad and he is raised by a police officer named joe west and his daughter Iris west who is Barry's Crush.

One Night Barry Allen is doing Fingerprint Analysis while the particle acculater made by Dr Harrison wells and other star labs employees and the particle acculater explodes and Barry is struck by lightning and is given superpowers and is in a coma for nine months

9 Months Later He Wakes Up able To run at the speed of light and meets 3 new friends, Cisco Ramon, Dr.Caitlin Snow, And Harrison wells and now we get into the big plot points of the season

So at the end of episode 1 Harrison wells who is paralyzed stands up and he is very mysterious for the rest of the season only a speedster would fake out paralyzed and be able to stand up 😉

Also Caitlin snow was engaged to a man named Ronnie Ramon who died because of the particle acculater who turns out to still be alive and can turn into a man of fire named firestorm and merged with a man named Martin stein

In later episodes the man in the yellow turns out to be Harrison wells and first person he tells is Cisco Ramon but before he can tell the team wells murders Cisco, noooooooooooo,but Barry run so fast that he runs back in time and restarts his day.

The last four episodes are crazy.Well kidnaps Eddie thawne who is dating Iris west and wells reveals to be anthor person Named Eobard thawne and Eddie is his ancestor.

And at the end of episode 22 Barry, firestorm and Oliver queen take on Eobard thawne and wins.

The Season Finale Is awesome and the episode tells us why Eobard killed Barrys mom and Barry goes back in time to save his mom but decides to let his mom die after future Barry warns past Barry about the dangers.

And Barry comes back and fights Eobard thawne and Eddie commits suicide to keep team flash safe and Eobard thawne is erased from the timeline which starts a singularity and Barry goes to stop it

In all this season was fun, action packed, and Awesome

The Flash Season 1. 9/10