Hi This Is Gifist8 And I Decided To Make Flash Reviews


Rules 1:I Will Have A Right And Wrong Meter

2:The Total Of Point On The Right And Wrong Meter Will Be At The End Of The Blog.

3:I Will Not Be Going Over Every Single Thing That Happens In The Episodes


The episode starts off with a flashback to 2000 With Barry Allen As a kid getting beat up by bullies and then goes back to his home and Barry is saying to his mom that he was not fast enough which is a good reference to what he will be when he grows up-1 point to right meter. And it precedes to go to the scene of Nora allens murder and Henry tell Barry "RUN BARRY RUN". And he appears on the street and the flashback ends with him running on the street.

Right Meter: 1 points

Wrong meter: 0 points


The Flashback Goes On To A Scene With Barry Allen As A Adult Going TO CSI Crime scene with good graphics on the crime scene-1 point to right a joke about a pen which I thought didn't really need to be there-1 point to wrong meter.also a scene where we meet iris west and joe lets them go to star labs to see The particle acculater.and iris's computer bag gets stolen by someone and the guy encounters a new police officer Eddie thawne. Barry Goes TO His crime lab and in there a lightning storm happens and the particle acculater explodes and Barry Allen gets struck by lightning.

Right meter:2 points

Wrong Meter:1 points


Barry Wakes up 9 months later

This will be finished later this should be finished tommorory