Well new review series, since Nobody700 is reviewing arrow and flash. And Xander let me do SG. I'm doing Supergirl (Yay?)

The episode starts off with a flashback of kara's origin, She was sent off to earth to protect her cousin while krypton exploded but in reality they sent them off so they can drink beer and have sex without them Intrerupting. The explosion of sends Supergirl's pod into the phantom zone where time does not exist and gets to earth when Clark has already became superman so he sends her to a adopted family. WORST COUSIN EVER! Who just finds their lost sister and does not teach them the earthly ways....

Now today she is a 24 year old and crashes into people while rushing to a job....never seen that before anyway she gets to her job at catco also known as Supergirl's buzzfeed (at least without the white, straight, male hating) the company is owned by cat grant (obviously) kara's friend "Winn" asks her out and says she has a date ( after he went home he sat a listened to this all day ) Kara tells Winn that there are no suck things as aliens. BITCH YOU ARE ONE. Then cat grant comes in acting like a complete bitch then tells Kara to find a hero (Don't you know this is no place for a hero) Cue to the superhero's black best friend. Oh it's jimmy Olsen yay? Kara looks at him like she wants some chocolate peeps 😏😏😏. Jimmy says to take a picture of superman. Convenient that she is superman's cousin

Alex comes over to her apartment saying that she needs to go on a plane for a conference later and Kara asks if she can help pick out her clothes for her blind date (Sigh wish I was your blind date) Kara's excuse is that she is her sister and she loves you (Oh she will really like people like you in season 2) Kara goes on on how she isn't normal, blah blah blah SKIP! Alex calls Kara cute, EWW I get she is a girl Alex but that's incest for crying out loud. Kara's blind date is cheating....damn fuckboys. BTW Kara looks HAUT! Flight 237 is running out of engine, conveniently that's the same flight Alex is on. Why? THE POWER OF THE PLOT!!! Kara stops the plane from crashing, Alright I think it's bull how Kara knows how to fly right off the bat! Superman needed training when he first became superman, why doesn't Kara?

Alex is mad that Kara saved the plane!? What is it with these people on the Arrowverse getting mad when people get saved?! Oh wait never mind, ITS THE POWER OF THE PLOT!!!!! More things about Kara being not known, blah blah blah SKIP! Winn says that Kara is a rookie superhero? Bitch, How about I put you on a plane that's falling and see what you say when Supergirl saves you. Jimmy says that Supergirl is a hero so that she can like him (Ugh) My reaction to this Kara wants to talk to Winn on a roof, can you throw him off please? She's going to tell something to when that only three people! THE THING IS <Drum Roll> Or is she lesbian cause if so.....Let me get some surgery, become a lesbian, we can meet at five. So Kara tells Winn she is Supergirl, Winn doesn't believe so she commits suicide.

Remember kids, if someone doesn't believe you, suicide is the option 👍👍👍. She comes jumping up like a mother fucking monkey. This world has no female heroes? This host was shocked that there is a female hero? That's weird. Also why did she have to point out that it is a female hero? So many things wrong with this scene. Guy at bar surprised there is a hero is evil, WOW! SO SHOCKED! Alright next scene wait...... What music is this? TURN OFF THIS CRINGY ASS MUSIC!!! BTW I wouldn't mind the first suit......I can.....use it later 😏😒😑. that second one dem legs. PLEASE TURN OFF THIS CRINGY ASS MUSIC!!!!! Her new suit has a S for sex....I mean super. Supergirl gets shot with kryptonite darts, GANG RAPE!?!?? Oh wait no Just my dirty mind again. Hank Henshaw? Okay. They introduce her to the D.E.O, You couldn't just ask Alex to bring to the D.E.O? So Supergirl brought people with her to earth? Okay. Hank tells Supergirl to go back to getting someone's coffee. That's just a nice way to tell someone to fuck off. Hank says that SG is dangerous....says the martian? Kara gets triggered that she is called Supergirl and says that she should be called superwoman nah mate that name is already taken.

Kara says that catco could be guilty and being anti feminist if they call her supergirl (Sigh)

1: Wally is called kid flash yet no one he never complains that the people who call him that could be Anti-kids

2: Why the fuck is the fact that the hero is a girl whoops! Sorry woman. No one every made a big deal when superman was a man

3: And tumbler probably loves this part of the episode

Cat calls out the BS Kara just said and says "What is wrong with the word "Girl"? Alright now let's move on cause I don't want WW3 in the comments. Jimmy saves Kara from being fired and she gets mad? YEAH JIMMY WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!? KARA IS A INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN WHO DON'T NEED NO MAN!!! supergirl faces the villain of the week named......ummmmmm "That guy at the bar"? Yay? Oh shit he held her by the neck? PEOPLE ARE TRIGGERED! Well SG gets her ass kicked by this man, Don't worry........I'll kick your ass in INJ2 even more. Now we get the "Superhero tries to be a hero yet can't so they lose confidence" Cliché. Then the "Hero gets a pep talk or they remember their dead parents so they regain confidence cliché. The villain's name is bortox? That sounds like a cleaning product I would use on my fucking TV! "Yea hand me some bortox". Then John says she's not strong enough then Alex pulls the sexism card, Yep defiantly because she is a girl not that she is still training nope that she is a girl. She has to laser the magic axe the walking cleaning product has. While she Is doing it......doesn't sound right.

The rest of episode is OMG JIMMY KNEW THAT KARA IS SUPERGIRL? WOW! SHOCKED! Then Kara's niece and honestly the best villain on Supergirl is about to come


Me on the inside: Wow? If I took a shot for everytime the national city hero was mentioned as a girl, I would have enough money to make another episode of Supergirl

Me on the outside: Okay episode? Just wish that that she wasn't mentioned so much as a girl, then some parts felt like a FUCK YOU to male superheroes otherwise it was okay