So let's see how lightning puns i can get into this review, most likely the number of them will leave you shocked.


We start off the episode with the ugliest man ever with the worse security ever, better than guardian of the galaxy's. No one was protecting that infinity stone. Now supergirl swags her way through the ugly duckling. Now alex and kara's mom comes and alex is worried about her mom finding out she's gay...whoops wrong season. We now meet leslie, she says her show is lived and wired, hey! I'm the one supposed to making puns! I bet some of you are shocked she did that. Leslie says the thing she doesn't like is supergirl...of course, she then goes on to shock everyone by roasting supergirl. She's a straight up savage. Winn reveals he has no family to spend thanksgiving with, why? THE POWER OF THE FORSHADOWING! Leslie gets talked down to because of her ultimate roast and (I have to do this) dat ass tho. She's transferred to traffic duty and to make it seem more dramatic they add a snapchat lightning filter. After she leaves the office, kara makes that face after hearing your parents yelling at your sibling

Kara goes for takeout and because the plot needs to progress jimmy is there, yay? Kara offers jimmy to come to thanksgiving with kara but refuses because of the shit stain. I swear if I see her I'll flip my's lucy.

Rant incoming blah blah blah you get it


Well I feel better, let's just skip this part and move on. Kara says it's time for alex to come out, wait till season 2. She wants her to say what she really is, what she really does...too easy. Leslie does a traffic report and get struck by lightning totally not similar to barry doing a police case and getting struck by lightning. Leslie wakes up in the hospital with lightning in her eyes, i'm shocked she's still alive. Alex gets yelled at for kara being supergirl and she says she's a adult. (Lol the middle of the link spells out gay)

FLASHBACK TIME! And it's a sister moment, something season 2 is lacking. Livewire goes through a alley as a woman...what does this mean in tv shows, RAPIST TIME! Livewire kills him and I honestly don't really care. The rapist deserved it. Then we to thanksgiving with the main cast and we know it's gonna end in drama considering what happened earlier. Jimmy calls kara while he's in the speed force whoops...wrong show. Kara asks why her mom is harder on alex than her...too easy. The d.e.o comes in a flashback because plot twists. Leslie pulls a Arkham series riddler and comes in on cat and kara, why was Kara there when livewire came? THE POWER OF THE PLOT! Also shocking that she came in at this time. Supergirl proceeds to fight livewire while cat leaves on a elevator...something that's controlled by electricity.

Supergirl saves cat and YAY! HAPPY THINGS! Despite that a murderous psychopath is running loose and could kill any family in a matter of seconds but hey let's focus on the happy. Kara lies to cat about her parents dying from a fire, that's kinda harsh, even if you are hiding your real identity. Cat says a speech that is actually perfomed really well. Now we go back to the bickering family, blah blah blah SKIP! But I don't know how to feel about two women sitting on a couch with candles around them and music playing, speaking of music...TURN OFF THIS CRINGY ASS MUSIC! Supergirl goes into a interview with cat on livewire so they can defeat her, shocking. Supergirl gets some tech from the DEO to stop livewire, she mentions ghostbusters...I swear I hope it's the good one. With how this show acts sometimes it isn't. Cat meets livewire where it all began, I'm shocked...with how many puns I'm doing I have a feeling to link this video

Supergirl and livewire fight again because we need a ending to the plot, she defeats her with water because science and now kara gives winn some thanksgiving leftovers that honestly sound good (I won't do reviews while i'm hungry anymore) Winn then says that he's grateful for kara and his dad is in prison while winn preceeds to kiss kara on the cheek....yuck! Then lucy shows up...FUCK! Was this scene made just to torture me?! Alex and Kara's mom leaves because the plot is over. Awww happy things now we cut to a store where people have a mortal kombat match for a fucking xbox. Kara's foaster mom says she knew about the DEO a long time, how does she know that? FLASHBACK TIME! Jermiah died working for Hank Henshaw but....we'll find out which hank henshaw, it'll shock you

Me on the inside: This episode was pretty good, very shocking

Me on the outside: Not a bad episode, the last few scenes were very shocking