After reading my recent review I realized that i need to be calmer, make less sex jokes and of course make sure I put on my ointment...whoops wrong list

Fight or Flight

So this episode starts off where it last was, on the roof with batman and batgirl...whoops wrong movie. Anyway cat asks supergirl where she's from...too easy, supergirl pretty much almost destroys her identity speaking of that you think cat is smart enough to recognize kara by her face. Also supergirl gets mad and says "you never ask superman these questions" easy're a woman. Jimmy gets coffee from the same place kara eats breakfast everyday?! Coincidence nope. Also what is superman and supergirl being cousins gonna do? I'm pretty sure no one should care. That's information everyone knows about supergirl in the comics but hey we need drama. They mentioned caitlin jenner...TRIGGERED!! Now the villain of the epiosde is reaction?! Looks like kabal, cyborg and zoom's mask had a baby. Keeping up with the kyptonions? I'd pay to see that. More talk about how what supergirl did was stupid, blah blah blah SKIP! Lol supergirl was gone in a flash...whoops wrong character. Random civilian says that a driver is in a damaged school bus and can't get out... reminds me of something

Now kyborg's mask comes in a tries to kill supergirl to get to superman. Then supergirl rips off a random guy's car door, poor stupid car. Then supergirl says reacton's name is is! It sounds like a guy on youtube. The D.E.O decides to not do anything while kyborg's mask runs wild because they are lazy fucks. Cat complains about that weird humming noise coming from the vents...most likely the cringy ass soundtrack playing during this scene. Winn now made a office...inside where she works?! K. Then Winn explains his powers like a fucking bio, most likely because no one knew who he was before this episode. Jimmy reveals who superman is in front of winn...this is why you should be killed off jimmy and because of that shit stain you called a girlfriend...we'll get back to that in later reviews. Maxwell lord...the most evil yet likeable villain ever then kyborg's mask...the most generic "I will destroy the world" cliche villain comes in. Kyborg's mask takes maxwell lord alright kyborg's mask! That's maxwell kintaro is over there

Anyway supergirl has the most shocked face that I'll use as a meme. Kyborg's mask's origins get revealed! He got injured in a exposion and it killed his wife and now he's a villain to avenge his dead's like a hitman movie and injustice combined. Then kara goes to tell how cat's article was shit and we know it's gonna cause a whole scene, then cat shit talks millennials...since i'm kinda a millennial i'm supposed to be offended but i'm really like not like SOME PEOPLE shouldn't be. Supergirl fights kyborg's mask and gets her ass kicked hard...ass and hard shouldn't be in the same sentence unless it's about something else. Then superman saves her then leaves because they ran out of budget. Then reacton went like this when he came

Then kara wakes up in her apartment with alex and jimmy...too easy. Supergirl says that "superman didn't have a get out of jail card when he started why should I?" Easy're a woman. Kara tells jimmy to fuck off, I love her even more now. Kara goes to a party in a dress from the D.E.O, why do they need a dress that short...never mind. Also Dayum she looks hot in that dress! But the cringy ass music ruins it. Speaking of that, TURN OFF THIS CRINGY ASS MUSIC! Winn saves kara from being yelled at and says that she can "repay her debt right now"...way too easy. Then the prince goes up to the princess and kisses her to wake her up...whoops wrong company. Hank's eyes turn red, i wonder why?! Winn and kara dancing?! I hate this ship. Jimmy comes in...didn't someone tell you to fuck off. Kyborg's mask comes into the party looking for supergirl, why does he come to the party despite not knowing supergirl would even be at the party? THE POWER OF THE PLOT! Anyway kara fights kyborg's mask and she uses her cape to block a attack...

Jimmy says for kyborg's mask to kill him so I'm okay with that so we don't have to see that shit stain called...we'll get back to that. Supergirl rips out the core to kyborg's mask's suit killing him?! But hey that isn't important because it's supergirl. Kara goes to tell jimmy about she feels and she meets his girlfriend...Lucy lane.

Rant incoming warning, if you don't like caps, cuss words or profanity then you might wanna press comments. but If you hate Lucy lane or jimmy please enjoy


Alright that was fun, then Clark messages Kara and Kara has a sister moment with Alex...something season two is lacking.

Me on the inside: This was a horrible episode just because of lucy

Me on the outside: Same me on the inside