Yayyyyy? More Supergirl whoops sorry I meant superwoman

Stronger Together

Supergirl starts off the episode with generic "telling my origin story" intro. She gets mega triggered when people thinks that the red cape means it's superman. She thinks she is getting hardcore test because she is a woman? Oh here we fucking go again😒😒😒. Oh! A alien....I need a chill pill. Kara is starting to like the name SUPERGIRL?!?!?! Wouldn't that mean Kara is anti feminist? Kara talks about Alex wanting her to train, blah blah blah GO SAVE THE BURNING PEOPLE YOU DISGUSTING, FISH LOOKING, LEGO PIECE HEAD BITCH. And The ship on fire falls apart faster then a teenager girl's vagina looking at one direction (Ugh).

Lol when Kara first started working at catco, cat wanted lunch so Kara went to chipotle. That's not wrong Winn....that's fucking heaven but it's hell for catco's toilet. Kara hears cat in the elevator and....USES YOUR HEAT VISION ON THE COFFEE?!?! YOU FUCKING DUMBASS! What would happen if someone saw you do that YOU FUCKING STUPID ASS! Cat has a meeting to make Kara feel bad for not being able to save the ship (She can destroy mine anytime😉) Jimmy stands up for Supergirl to make this ship work Why? THE POWER OF THE PLOT!!!!!!!!!! Cat wants an interview with supergirl and Kara laughs! She makes an excuse that she was laughing because of a cat video Cat knows what going on with SG and then says she doesn't know? WAIT! YOU THINK SHE SHOULD JOIN A GYM BECAUSE SHE IS A GIRL!?!? YOU FUCKING SEXIST! Kara goes on more about how her job is hard, blah blah blah SKIP!

WTF! Why is alien on earth 38? Fuckin Barry!!!! Now we go to the "Hero flashbacks to when they were happy cliche". TBH kara's mom kinda looks like a milf. Kara has to find alien to make him go back to his earth. Kara thinks because she can bend steel with her hands she is indestructible? Have you seen the death of superman (NOT THE ONE IN BVS!) Hey.....Isn't that the movie with gay lex luthor? More like trans luthor. Lol Supergirl vs Alex training scene reminds me of this Without the Kara hitting on Alex.....She's probably like it. Kara gets mad at cat's newspapers, blah blah blah SKIP! Alleyways Kara? Have you not seen batman begins?

Winn: Wanna see my mask?

Me: I wanna see you dead

So Kara tells jimmy and Winn to come to team Supergirl! Why? THE POWER OF THE PLOT!!!!!!!!!! Meanwhile alien gets beat up harder then how I do in MKX by Kryptonians! Alien vs Superman: Dawn Of Two Different Worlds. So kara's aunt tells alien to do something for her, they're friends because their moms have the same name. She wants him to capture SG?!?! SO SURPRISED!!!!!!!!!!! Alien needs to find Supergirl because he wants her show. Alright...I'll give this music a pass since it's basically a classic. Winn being a nerd. Montage of Supergirl saving people, blah blah blah SKIP! Wtf? Who had a phone at a hostage situation, a guy having a heart attack and someone saving a snake from a tree? And how is it so good looking? I blame Barry. Alex and Kara talk about people knowing identity.......K. D.E.O aka Supergirl's Star Trek talk about some shit I don't care about.

Cat still wants a SG interview and is getting jimmy to get one.....K. Lol cat thought Supergirl was superman's girlfriend....better love story then karamel and twilight. If cat doesn't get a interview with Supergirl within 24 hours he's fired?! QUICK DONT GET A INTERVIEW!!!!!! The D.E.O are on a stakeout......this is the only I'll put a link of this show So alien goes and tries to eat some toxic waste? K. They try shooting at alien......that sounded wrong in many ways. So alien shoots his teeth.....don't remember him having that power. He kills every D.E.O agent in the car, except Alex and Hank, Why? BECAUSE THE POWER OF THE PLOT!!!!!!!!!! Oh fuck Alex just got taken by alien. HENCE THE NEW ALIEN MOVIE. But his mouth looks more like predator. CHOOSE WHAT FUCKING MOVIE CHARACTER YOU WANNA BE!!!!!!! Alien takes Alex back to his hive and let's kara's aunt ask about nails and hair because that's what girls have to talk about.....let's see how many people don't realize that was sarcasm. Kara and jimmy talk about stuff, blah blah blah SKIP!

Kara: Have I ever told what that S means?

<Somewhere in metropolis>

Lois: What does that S stand for?

Superman: Sex......

Kara: Damnit Clark

But anyway Kara gets mad she wasn't there to defeat the alien predator and asks Hank if he had a family.....that's going to be really important later in the season. Kara's aunt says Alex is bleeding, yeah of course! Happens to both of you once a month, like come on. Turns out Kara's aunt's villain name is Astra....


Now more villain monologuing because villains need to monologue to be evil (Because every villains is lemons) Now SG comes in like a fucking hurricane and finds Alex and she says "It's a trap" Obviously she watched Star Wars. Astra punches Supergirl and she flies all the way to China. Astra says she grown and she's beautiful....EWW THATS YOU NIECE FOR CRYING OUT FUCKING LOUD!? Astra says how she was arrested, blah blah blah SKIP! Astra wants her to evil "Ally who was friend of hero turns evil and wants friend to be evil cliche". Astra and Kara has the best CGI fight ever and alien predator beats up Alex. Alex kills alien predator.....well now they gotta cancel the movie....shit and it looked good too. Supergirl and Alex have a cliche sister talk. Turns out Kara's other mother has a hologram mother....Astra and Kara becomes friends because their mother have the same names. Hank has red eyes? I WONDER WHY?! Astra really is a big villain? Yet doesn't know how kryptonite hurts people like her? Bullshit. THE FUCK KARA? What if you dropped that car? Fucking idiot

Me on the inside: Episode wasn't too bad, so isn't Kara's ass.....

Me on the outside: Pretty good episode

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