So back in July this little fuckhole made a blog called stop the hate for arrow. Judging from the blog this guy has no life, was reject by seven girls in one day, screwed out of ten dollars, has a crack in his phone, got cheated on...twice, got hung by his underpants in collage, got beat up, got cat called, got sterotyped, got called high, and of course trump deported him (Alright that last one isn't true) So anyway let's go to respond to this shit

He said this

1# Alright So Ever Since Laural Died There Has Been Nothing But Hate For Arrow Like When Laural Became Black Canary The Arrow "Fans" Were Like "OH MY GOSH LAURAL IS THE WORST CHARACTER ON ARROW NOW YOU MAKE TBC"But When She Was Killed Off When You Were actually asking for her to be killed off All The Arrow "Fans" Were Like "Oh My Gosh You Killed Off The BC That Is The Worst Idea Ever"BUT A SECOND AGO YOU WERE ASKING FOR HER TO BE KILLED OFF,Plus People Are Complaining About Who Is Playing Artemis,I Don't really care who is playing Artemis cause it is still freaking Artemis.i don't like the smoak family though.

Response To 1#

The #NOLARUALNOARROW Followers didn't ask for her to be killed off....the olicity assholes did. The main reason people were mad was because they just listened to them. Therefore making people think there is no reason to watch if they're going to listen to the olicity fandom. Also did this guy cap locks on? The Artemis part....Fuck Artemis (At least the arrow version) Then the last part didn't have anything to do with what this fuckhole was saying.

2# Plus This Is Just Not Happening On Arrow,It is happening on flash too,like a minute ago I saw someone complaining about kid flash's suit,WHY!!!,People were complaining that Barry gave up his speed to zoom,if he had said no,he would just killed someone.people were also complaining that Barry did not save his dad and just stood there,zoom could have broken his neck if he decided to run up to him if he stayed there zoom would still killed Henry,he was screwed either way.

Response to 2#

The kid flash kinda does look like someone just cut up an old flash and reverse flash suit. But I agree with the zoom and Henry part

3# I just wish That I could watch my faviorite shows without that guy saying "NO LAURAL NO ARROW" Or That Guy Saying "BARRY IS SO STUPID".I Get It Is The Internet So Everything Is criticized but still

And now I have to deal with the butthurt arrow and flash "Fans" 😤😤😤

Response to 3#

You can....don't look at comments also arrow and flash "fans"? We stood by them before the BC death. Arrow pissed us off too much so we left and if this season becomes shit again I will leave.

So this is the most butthurt olicity fuckhole I've ever seen but anyway thanks for reading my blog and also look out for Supergirl reviews coming up Bye!

Gifist8 (talk) 14:49, February 15, 2017 (UTC)