So We Saw In the comic con trailer that there will be a new arrow team of wild dog,Artimis and mr terrific and I'm excited for it. However there is a few thing have wrong with it.

The first character I wanna talk about is Artimis because she was announced before any of them. At first I was not excited for Artimis even though I am a big fan of YJ But Now I am honestly excited because now the Possibilty of sport master to come on the show is high and he was one of my favorite characters on there.Now Lets Talk About Mr. Terrific Also Known As Mr.Eat A D**K (I'm Having Way Too Much Fun Right Now).But Now on a serious note I'm least excited for him I never knew him but honestly he is not bad.And now my favorite character (Already) Wild Dog I just really like him he just seems like a badass character and I will definitely be looking out for him.

So now I want to talk about the picture of everyone in there suit

I like Arrows New Suit He looks a combination of the comic costume, the season 1 costume and the season 4 costume

I love all of the suits but Artimis's Suit is a little bit off but either way i like the suits I am excited for arrow season 5 and it will be near comics-like and that just made me more excited after the mess that arrow season 4 was little bit it is refreshing and my biggest problem is only just it will feel a bit overcrowded anyway I hope you enjoyed the blog and write what you think of it in the comments Gifist8 (talk) 21:02, September 12, 2016 (UTC)