Hey! Here's the second addition of the arrowverse wiki power rankings. Since legends was the only show last week, that's the only show that will be talking about this week.

But however there is some rules for power rankings, don't put characters in certain places because of how you feel about those characters. And even if this is from your point of view, be objective and make sure there is a reason a character is in a spot.

If one week you wanna do a power ranking, make sure you contact a admin or comment on this post for a admin to let you do it. Make sure you know which week you can do it and when you have time.

Now with all that out the way let's get to the second power rankings on this wiki

Previous rank Current rank Name Image Notes
10 1 Mick Rory Mick Rory Mick was able to redeem himself and help restore the timeline with the legends and that's why he ranks as number 1 in these rankings
1 2 Eobard Thawne Eobard Thawne Eobard successfully used the spear of destiny to screw up the timeline, but in the meantime was erased from the timeline again by hunter zolomon
3 3 Leonard Snart Leonard Snart Snart helped the legion of doom screw up the timeline and killed a time remanent mick rory, until his memory was restored and was set down a good path.
8 4 Nate Heywood Nate Heywood Nate was able to help go on the wave rider and try to steal the spear of destiny and was able to get alone time with his love intrest for the last time.
6 5 Damien Darhk Damien Darhk Damien was able to help with the spear of destiny including killing some legends but was defeated and set back into his place in the timeline.
5 6 Helix Felicity searches for Oliver's location with Helix's resources Clearly, something is up with helix. Felicity is getting into something she doesn't know about.
7 7 Barry Allen Barry Allen Barry allen is working hard to save his fiancé, Iris West. The next episode he's doing something that may leave questioning
2 8 Ray Palmer Ray Palmer Ray helped the legends restore the timeline and put everyone back in their places in the original timeline.
4 9 Caitlin Snow Caitlin Snow Caitlin snow was injured and was dead a period of time and due to julian, her killer frost side was finally awakened
9 10 John Diggle John Diggle Diggle helped the team takedown the bratva and confront how oliver has been acting since he was tortured by adrian chase.