I just decided (ehhh what the hell maybe I will make another episode on legends of tommorow) because I will be 70 years old by time I do another episode and I am 23 years old soooo....yeah let's do this

Pilot,Part 2

Anyway the episode starts off with the legends in the millennium falco..i mean the wave rider they are still in 1975. Rip thinks that vandal savage is still in 1975 (Which he is) most likely eating some......

Beans,Greens,Potatoes,Tomatoes,Lamb,Ram,Hot Dogs,Chicken,Turkeys,Rabbit

U NAME IT!!!!!!!

Anyway Kendra and Carter recommend that they just go back in time and stop themselves from coming for their son, but rip is like nah you will cause a temple vortex but the real reason is that the show has to happen. Ray is like that sounds cool and I'm like "Yeah okay dude" Turns out the magic plot computer has stuff to find savage. Snart wants to rob people so can he can have money and want to figure out a plan but rip get triggered and yells about the timeline and says that none of the legends has faced vandal savage Yeah so get your facts right rip. So Snart, Heatwave, Stein and Sara sneak in a bidding ceremony and stein becomes kind of scary while sneaking in. And they are now in the building for the bidding contest and is no...that's it....... It's Damian Darhk Yay?. The legend bid for a nuclear weapon because they got a little bit of attention from vandal savage turns out no one else bids so now the legends just bought a nuclear weapon. Darhk comes and congratulates them for getting a nuclear weapon (and this is obviously setting up for a fight scene) so yeah everyone starts fighting until Ray leaves a piece of his suit letting vandal want to make another suit so he can kill people. Also firestorm is op as fuck. Now they are all back on the millennium falco....I mean the wave rider and rip is not too happy about Ray accidentally leaving a piece of his suit behind and rip tells the team that central city in 2016 will be destroyed if they don't stop savage from using the future tech.

So Martin, Jax And Sara go talk to martin's younger self to get a particle weapon from him and they decide to dress like they are in the 70s and Sara starts to flirt with the younger Martin which I really think is messed up now that I think about it. They come up with the worst names I have ever heard (besides the ones I hear on Maury) Anyway Professer Musk And Marty go to the lab. Meanwhile on the millennium falco....i mean the wave rider Carter is trying to make Kendra remember her first life so they can read the language on the newspaper. Turns Kendra's real name was shariah or something and she is a preiest in the temple of whores? (I don't why but I heard whores) Kendra remembers her and Carter having a good time (if you know what I mean) , then Carter tries to make a move but fails. Vandal goes to a hideout and everyone is trying to make a new atom suit with the missing piece from the suit. Vandal gives the workers 24 hours to make the suit which is pretty "Savage" if you ask me.................... Ray, heatwave and captain cold now are going to steal a knife that will kill savage. Now we are back with Professer musk and Marty Mcfly and professor musk is Basicly telling his younger self that he should not eat the potato chips and should not smoke and Marty mcfly replies with "Dad". He goes off to eat some cookie dough and older Martin now tries to find the particle device while telling Sara that she needs to stop flirting with him (this is weird) well Marty mcfly comes back and catches them so Sara knocks him out (that's a way to solve a problem) anyway Ray and Snart gets themselves in alot of trouble stealing the knife they are now locked in a cage. Kendra says sorry to Carter for kind of yelling at him. The lab is found and Sara takes back the lost piece of the atom suit while heatwave is caught by the owner of the house aka vandal savage and is blackmailed to calling the legends so vandal can kill hawkman and hawkgirl. So they do. Hawkman and hawkgirl get the knife so they can kill him and hawkman puts the knife in savage's heart but savage pulls it out and kills hawkman

My reaction to the hawkman death

Then hawkgirl tries to kill savage with the knife but stabs hawkgirl in the process she is only wounded but savage tries to do it again until atom comes in like a boss and knocks out vandal savage. And wowwww did they just leave hawkman' body there. The team gets back to the millennium falco.....I mean wave rider to say that to avenge hawkman's death they are going to stay on the team to kill savage.


This episode was very good and definetly had exciting moments, becomes dull at times but then becomes action packed again

Unknown: Gifist8

Gifist8: What?

Unknown: You are being replaced

Gifist8: WHAT!?

To be continued