Hey Guys! I've Decided That I Will Start To Make Reviews On Legends Of Tommorow. Anyway this is a massive spoiler alert so if you have not seen season 1 I would recommend watching season 1 then coming back later

Pilot,Part 1

The episode starts off with a flashback or since it is in the future flash forward Of vandal savage destroying the world and in the process killing rip hunter's wife and kid (that sick basturd) anyway we forward to a scene where rip hunter is time masters's permission to go back in time to kill vandal savage yet he needs a team (cause the plot needs to happen) he goes on his Millennium Falcon.......I mean wave rider to find eight individuals to be on his team


Hunter comes to 2016 to find Ray Palmer aka The atom aka the guy who dumped Felicity because the jealous feeling got the better of him, Sara lance aka the white canary aka the girl who resurrected like 3 or four times, Kendra sanders and Carter Hall aka Hawkgirl and Hawkman aka Two Hawks...One Couples Counselor, Martin Stein And Jefforson Jackson aka Firestorm aka Two fiery personallties and the last two are f..King criminals meet Mick Rory and Leonard Snart aka Heatwave and Captain Cold aka Deathstorm and Killer frost.

Anyway he basically knocks out and kidnaps all 8 of these people and puts them on a roof and asks them if they want to go on a mission with him to stop vandal savage and all of them are like Until rip says they will be legends if they do so they go on this mission with rip and quickly gain side effects that only last for a few seconds. Rip, Kendra, Carter And Martin go into the 70s to find someone who knows stuff on vandal and certain points to find him in history. But it turns out that the guy they went to is Kendra and carter's son so they bring on the ship and meanwhile Sara, mick and Snart go get a drink and Jax (who was drugged into all of this) get attacked while on the wave rider by a discount boba fett and the rest of the team comes back to face him. Thankfully they make it back to the ship safely except for Kendra and Carter's son and while all of this is happening rip tells all of them the real reason he needs all of them. The real reason he needs them is to stop savage from killing his wife and kids and the discount boba fett is actually a agent of the time masters and he is trying to take him back to the time masters. The legends actually consider going with rip on this mission so they do to stop vandal savage.

This episode was very good and definitely promising for a pilot and has you wanting more which is a good thing for a show

Lot 1x1