Alright if you haven't seen episode 20 of the flash yet, you might wanna leave now because we will be discussing something that is really big ( And it's not echo's ego ) it's savitar's identity, something everyone has been looking for the whole entire season. Due to the fact the it's been a whole mystery. We were given hints the entire season and we didn't even catch on. We were even hints by killer frost and didn't catch on. But until last night were we finally told who savitar was (three episodes before the finale) Alright as soon as I say "let's go" that means we are going into spoilers so if you are here after I say let's go, then say I spoiled the episode for you, don't say I didn't warn you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Now.....let's go........Okay are you gone? I'm making sure are you truely gone? Are seriously gone? Are you gone like a dad going to get some milk? Are you gone? were warned

So last night's flash show the identity of savitar's identity. It was revealed to be barry allen from the future. But some people are We just saw the future and Barry was just a emo school shooter. How is he savitar? And how is his face burnt? Well these are a few theories that I thought about.

Future Barry Tricked Barry

The barry we saw in episode 19 could've been tricking his future self into thinking that he was the good guy and the reason he pushed away everyone was because he was slowly becoming savitar and he knew it too. Tricking barry may have been the only option he had left.

Alternate Earth Barry

We gotta remember to keep the idea of a alternate earth barry in mind, this alternate earth barry could've killed future barry then took his place as barry allen in the future. Hince him saying that he was the future flash.

Flashpoint Changed The Barry Facing Eobard

Somehow barry could've made a mistake when telling eobard to change the timeline back, somehow when he did it, it changed the barry facing eobard that night into savitar via time travel.

The last one but now the least believable one

The Barry Allen In The Suit Is Malcolm Thawne

This is one that could really get you thinking, somehow malcolm could've manipulated his face into looking like his. Just like eobard changed his face into the real dr.wells's face.

These are nothing but theories none of these are known to be true, if they are then we were right again. I think barry is gonna end up stopping may 2016 Barry Allen from ever going to the night, changing everything back to normal. Either way what do you guys think? Tell me in the comments