Alright so I am going to tell you all the positions of all the characters in flashpoint, things like what are they doing in flashpoint or changes that happens and ETC.


Barry Allen/The Flash

So Barry in Flashpoint is aware that he went back in time and changed the timeline and saved his mother so Barry I'd not grow up with Iris in flashpoint so she does not know him and because of the changes he is slowly losing memorys of the original timeline

Cisco Ramon/Vibe

In Flashpoint,Cisco is the owner of star labs but instead of it being named star labs it is named Ramon Labs and he seems like a real Business man (and alittle bit of a douchebag)it is still unknown if he has powers in flashpoint

Dr Wells/Harrison Wells


Caitlin Snow

Coming from a recent trailer, she looks like she works at anther place but until more information comes out(Unknown)

Docter Alchemy/???????


The Rival/????????

In the flashpoint episodes the rival will be the main Villan for the episodes,hopefully he can come to the other timeline

Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash

In the trailers Eobard is seen in a kind of cage telling Barry what he has done and why he was wrong

Iris West

He is seen in the trailers to not know who barry is even mispronouncing his name and saying "Gary".

Joe West


Wally West/Kid Flash or Flash

In flashpoint Wally is kid flash and is protecting the city as the timelines flash and meets Barry in the trailer and is also seen in star labs

John Diggle

He was confirmed to get changes on arrow with his family

And this is all the characters in flashpoint write what you think of this blog in the comments andddd good night Gifist8 (talk) 02:43, September 28, 2016 (UTC)