With all the arrowverse shows on TV right now, there is alot of characters I wanna see in certain shows. So let's start!

The Flash

  • Bart Allen

Bart Allen would be a great addition to the show, along with the possible wedding of barry and iris. Also he could interrupt the wedding while telling them of the dangers of next season.

  • Black Flash

I know this character has already kinda appeared but it would be awesome if he was chasing after barry over flashpoint.


  • The Question

Huntress was in season 1 & 2 and since they were kinda a thing in the Justice league series, it would make sense to introduce him as huntress's new BF or friend also maybe he could team up with green arrow for an episode.

  • Komodo

This guy has enough potential to the arrow season 6 main villain and it would be awesome if this guy could show up on arrow


  • Batwoman

Kate Kane is dating Maggie in the comics, at the end of the season, make Maggie break up with Alex and make her date Kate Kane in the next season. That way we can have Batwoman

  • Atrocitus

Come on, This guy can be the next season's main villain, also I think right now is a great time to introduce the lantarns like the red lantarns, green lantarns, hell, the yellow lantarns

Legends To Tommorow

  • Dr Fate

He would be a great addition to legends of Tommorow and would bring in lots of more ratings.

  • Green Lantarn (Hal Jordon Or John Stewart) And Sinestro

Sinestro could be the season 3 villain and one of the green lantarns could be joining the fight. Now THAT would be awesome

Anyway this the wish list of characters I want in shows if you have any characters you want put it down in the comments Gifist8 (talk) 00:36, March 7, 2017 (UTC)