So a few weeks ago, season 5 of arrow wrapped up and....holy shit that finale was awesome. Anyway you guys know the drill, it's time to review arrow season 5. BTW season 3 of flash i'll probably do later around the weekend or next week.


So this season starts off where the season we all should forget about left off, oliver is mayor, and oliver is kicking anarky's ass and wild dog comes in and oliver puts a arrow in his leg , wild dog used to have a daughter until she took some soup to the face...too soon? Too soon. Oliver stands up to felicity cause he grew his balls back this season. And now let's skip ahead and go to the main plot.

A new threat in star city arises that could very well ruin oliver oueen's and green arrow's reputation, a new villain named promethous. He comes to star city on the name of revenge. Why? Find out later in my review. Felicity has a new boyfriend that everyone and their moms thought was promethous. Turns out he wasn't. Promethous kidnapped him, and tricked oliver into killing him, letting olicity fans getting happy until laurel lance comes back and pisses off everyone that is a olicity fan (at least the cringy ones).

Later we find out that isn't the real laurel and that she was black siren from earth 2. Later promethous is revealed to be a friend of the mayor Oliver Queen, Adrain Chase. He wants oliver to kill him so that he could show his friends the monster he is after oliver killed his father as the hood. It's a matter of revenge. Adrian captures team arrow and brings him to the place where it all started...Lian Yu.

Oliver gets help from four enemies, Deathstroke, Malcolm Merlyn, Captain Boomerang and Nyssa Al Ghul. They team up to take on promethous and his fanclub after adrain kidnapped oliver's son. They have their final fight on the boat where adrian gives oliver a choice. Kill him and have all his friends except his son die or keep him alive and his son dies. Oliver resorts to shooting adrian in the foot to subdue him until adrian kills himself exploding the island that has bombs connected to his heart. With the ENTIRE team arrow on the island, pretty much means that team arrow is dead, Holy...... Fucking..... Shit


This season was in very positive reviews from fans, however alot of olicity fans didn't like the season due to the lack of olicity but hey fuck them. This season was very well almost better than season 2 said by some people. People say that arrow redeemed itself after whatever season 4 was and it defiantly showed fans of the show, they still got it

For alot of people, this season made oliver...oliver again, he was badass and very truthful this season. This season actually took time to delvop characters and even took time to explain and delvop the main character.....unlike another show COUGHflashseason3COUGH. And as much as it hurts to say this but.... Even Felicity has some good delvopment this season (Key Word is SOME) And she wasn't as annoying as last season. Either way this season made alot of fans come back and impressed alot of websites that were mad at season 4.

My Thoughts On The Season

This season is awesome, I will really be rewatching it this summer and i've haven't been so excited for a arrow season since after season 1, this redeemed itself and it stood up to their mistakes. This season was very good, good delvopment, good storytelling and even good plots

Arrow Season 5: 9/10

What do you guys think? Tell me in the comments below and except a Supergirl review later.