So since this week the shows are wrapping up and going on a break till fall, and since last summer I did blogs on flash reviews are shit. It's time that I do a full season review of every arrow season. Starting from the one that was before season 5, arrow season 4..... Oh fucking no.


So the season starts off with oliver running in the woods like the first season and then he shows up in a nice neighborhood...that's new. He comes into the house with felicity.... We'll get to her later. The season is starting off with the okay olicity, you guys will figure out what's the bad olicity. We now cut to star city with thea (the only character that was tolerable this season) Black canary (We'll really get to her) And diggle (Meh) fighting the ghosts which sounds badass...until you see them later. Green arrow comes back to star city after the whole olicity thing in season 3. He becomes arrow again, all happy and sunshine. Since most of the episodes have no real meaning let's skip to the main plot.

So episode 9, damain darhk, so sounds like a emo hop topic worker kidnaps the team and malcolm dresses up as green arrow to save everyone....let's call him pussy malcolm. Olibur proposes to felshitty in the street, also oliver is running for mayor (That's gonna be important in our season 5 review) And they ride in a limo to.....I don't know I forgot (DAMMIT BATMAN, THE BRAIN WIPE OF THIS SCENE DIDN'T WORK) A bunch of ghosts shoot up the limo and felicity gets paralyzed...we will defiantly get to the back story of that. The promo tricked us into thinking that the mystery person that dies was her was someone that was gonna cause a backlash. She's okay but is paralyzed, hmmm doesn't sound like anything

Felicity finds out oliver has a child and breaks up with him because he wants to be a good dad, fuck you felicity. Man this is getting really bad what could make this worse.......FELICITY EPISODE?! BEE PUNS?! FELICITY'S MOM?!?! Someone kill me. Alright the next episode we find out who's in the grave, it's the black canary and this makes me have a feeling to link these three videos.

Diggle's brother gets killed by diggle because he was working for hive and got canary killed basically....thanks diggle. Felicity misdirected a nuke and accidentally kills more people then the entire arrowverse cast combined, dammit felicity. Oliver joins with the city and fights the ghosts and damian darhk.... This really doesn't sound like anything

The team disbands and felicity says she isn't going anywhere because the writers needed a nice way to say "fuck you".


If you don't know what reception means, first of all, read a dictionary for crying out loud, but anyway it means how fans reacted to the season, this is gonna get bad. So everyone kinda liked when it was in the first half but after was just sad. Many fans rather loved or hated this season, the reason alot of people hate this season was because of the overuse of felicity, the olicity and of course the death of the black canary. The olicity shippers loved this season mostly because of olicity and the sexual tension between oliver and felicity

Laruel's death is a whole another story, when she died, fans got pissed because in the comics, green arrow is most known to be with the black canary and her last words was to basically date felicity. While I agree with this side, I have to say that some people took this too far as in wanting the writers dead and people taking it too far has actually lead this wiki to being on a list of people who hate felicity. Olicity shippers mostly liked this because of open opportunities for olicity's return.

Other than the death, people also hated the season because of it's bad writing. Alot of people hated the fact that felicity got alot of screen time which lead to people kinda hating felicity. Many side characters were said to be written poorly. This season has also lead to the departure of many fans, especially after episode 19 where evelyn sharp tarnished the black canary memory and this was said by many fans to be a "fuck you" to the haters. However this season sat at mixed reviews by fans.

My Opinion On This Season

This season was....bad, very bad. I felt that malcolm felt less like a badass and more like a pussy. Oliver felt like Felicity's bitch that would do anything to keep her happy which is already hard at that. Felicity was very...whiny and bitchy and was mostly holding the plot back, it felt like she didn't wanna be there and broke up with Oliver for a bad reason. This season was overall kinda a disappointment, very rushed, bad writing, and bad character delvopment.

Anyway what do you guys think of this season? Tell me in the comments and please don't start any comment wars.