What The! A part two to one of my old blogs THAT'S IMPOSSIBLE! Actually it's not, I am making some reactions and part 2s to some of my old blogs and one of them is "5 Reasons SnowBarry Will Never Happen" Here is part 2

5: Caitlin's becoming killer frost soon

Caitlin in the recent promo looked like she was having trouble with her powers again and her eyes turned blue just like in episode 7. So Obviously rather she is becoming killer frost again or she destroyed the cuffs in some way and if she does become full on killer frost, Then Barry and Caitlin are going to hate each other ( If that happens I am grabbing some popcorn to see the breakdown of millions of SB fans )

4: Once again...BARRY IS WITH IRIS

Obviously he is with Iris right now ( Maybe we gotta wait till may ) They are in LOVE DUDE ( Not a WA shipper ) Barry won't dump iris for a girl who...

1: Already got off two bad relationships

2: Most likely will hate him later

3: Have nothing in common

3: It would be Olicity 2.0

It would just be another olicity. If this happens all we would need is a bunch of its shippers cyberbulling people who don't like it, them taking over comment sections and of course making weird videos on that relationship. Wait that third one already came true... Speaking of olicity...

2: The writers saw what happened to arrow

Over on arrow we got Olicity, it seemed nice at first then it became all out shitty even causing the departure of some arrow viewers especially after the black canary death. I have a feeling after what arrow went threw the writers of flash are smart enough to know not I repeat NOT do that to flash


Lots of people reacted to this ship with two letters N-O Including me and many more people. It just wouldn't work out and lots of people agree even some people on this wikia and then some people prefer Caitlin with Ronnie so this will always be a ship and just a ship

Anyway this is the follow up to that blog if you have anything to say just put it in the comments Gifist8 (talk) 20:40, January 16, 2017 (UTC)