Alright I am getting tired of all this shipping in the arrowverse especially when it did not happen in the comics this is five reasons SnowBarry will never happen

5.People Do not want it

We already saw how olicity turned out it would be the same way with SnowBarry,people want to see things that happened in the comics

4.Barry Already Is With Iris

Barry is with iris, he would not give up on his childhood crush for a girl he met like two or three years ago

3.They Never Showed Interest In Each other

Barry were just hanging out that night, they are just friends and Barry would not just fall in love with Caitlin instantly.

2.Dating Between The team always leads to disaster

In the justice league cartoon, wonder women asked batman out on a date and batman refused for a few reasons one of the reasons were "dating between the team always leads to disaster". which goes great with this situation

1.It did not happen in the comics

Caitlin is killer frost in the comics who is one of flash's arch nemesis and Barry is with Iris so they will probably stick to the comics