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  • Gifist8

    Crisis On Earth-X Part 1: That was amazing!

    Crisis On Earth-X Part 2: THAT WAS ASTONISHING

    Crisis On Earth-X Part 3: That was cool

    Crisis On Earth-X Part 4: What the fuck....

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  • Gifist8

    Caitlin: I've redeemed myself and I'm not evil anymore!

    Caitlin: Lol I'm killer frost again, Wait no I'm not.

    Smh flash, I'm not up to go through this sub plot again. Even if they make her evil, we know she's gonna be good again at some point. Delete this sub plot pls

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  • Gifist8

    In season 2 Barry needs to faster to stop zoom

    In season 3 flash needs to go faster to stop savitar

    Both zoom and savitar even hired evil hot chicks to help them with crime, at least eobard was original and got a gorilla.

    Even the two parter was copying the idea of the earth 2 plot in season 2

    That's not even the end of it

    Go watch season 2 then go watch season 2 and tell me the difference. I hope flash season 4 doesn't copy the same old story

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  • Gifist8

    Jeez, how long has it been hmm let's see, a asylum, some monsters oh and that's right! I died right in front of my salad, wait... shit wrong kinda videos😏. Anyway let's get into supergirl.... Totally not what I meant.

    Okay, so the episode starts off with supergirl narrating how she felt like a shadow of a person... Can we ever get a episode where she doesn't feel like shit cause she's superman's cousin? She says she can have it all... Damn right she can😏. "Nothing can ruin my mood today" Okay.... (That's gonna be bullshit). She proceeds to get targeted by a drone and TBF this shouldn't hurt her, I mean she is supergirl. Then we go to this bit where it shows a drone might be faster than supergirl... Uhh, K. She uses her one dollar CGI to des…

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  • Gifist8

    Adrian: You won... Your son has his father back, and he learned exactly who his father was. Just like you learned who your father was right here... On these very same waters.

    Oliver: What?

    Adrian: William's younger than you and her.. So he's going to be fine... And you have each other.

    Oliver: What are you saying?

    Adrian: Which is good... Oliver that's good. Cause it's gonna be lonely.... Without mom... And felicity.

    Oliver: NO ADRIAN!

    I love Adrian's dialogue here, it's basically saying, William learned who his father was, he learned the monster that he truely was, just like oliver learned who his father was on the same boat. Hince why in the season 6 trailer for arrow, Oliver asks where the monster is and William points at him. That is some fu…

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