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    So this season of flash ended about two or three months ago and... It was... I don't even know, it wasn't good but it wasn't bad, so here today I'm listing reasons why this season of flash was lackluster.

    Cisco's dead brother? Forgotten. Barry gets fired? Forgotten. Even Dr. Alchemy was forgotten... Flashpoint was wasted so badly... When doing a sub plot, STICK TO THEM! Well they did with one but it didn't turn out great... But we'll get to that. But I hope next season is able to stick to their sub plots

    Seriously, cisco got a love interest, joe got one (Because...reasons), Barry has one, caitlin has one like jesus, I wanna see my flash kicking ass not tapping it, nothing against love sub plots just don't let it take up 90% of the season....…

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  • Gifist8

    Arrow Season 5 Review

    June 2, 2017 by Gifist8

    So a few weeks ago, season 5 of arrow wrapped up and....holy shit that finale was awesome. Anyway you guys know the drill, it's time to review arrow season 5. BTW season 3 of flash i'll probably do later around the weekend or next week.

    So this season starts off where the season we all should forget about left off, oliver is mayor, and oliver is kicking anarky's ass and wild dog comes in and oliver puts a arrow in his leg , wild dog used to have a daughter until she took some soup to the face...too soon? Too soon. Oliver stands up to felicity cause he grew his balls back this season. And now let's skip ahead and go to the main plot.

    A new threat in star city arises that could very well ruin oliver oueen's and green arrow's reputation, a ne…

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  • Gifist8

    So since the arrow season ended, I'm making a list of people I wanna see

    1: Nightwing

    He's a good character for arrow and would boost ratings

    2: The Miz

    He could play booster gold


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    Arrow Season 4 Review

    May 22, 2017 by Gifist8

    So since this week the shows are wrapping up and going on a break till fall, and since last summer I did blogs on flash reviews are shit. It's time that I do a full season review of every arrow season. Starting from the one that was before season 5, arrow season 4..... Oh fucking no.

    So the season starts off with oliver running in the woods like the first season and then he shows up in a nice neighborhood...that's new. He comes into the house with felicity.... We'll get to her later. The season is starting off with the okay olicity, you guys will figure out what's the bad olicity. We now cut to star city with thea (the only character that was tolerable this season) Black canary (We'll really get to her) And diggle (Meh) fighting the ghosts …

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  • Gifist8

    Alright if you haven't seen episode 20 of the flash yet, you might wanna leave now because we will be discussing something that is really big ( And it's not echo's ego ) it's savitar's identity, something everyone has been looking for the whole entire season. Due to the fact the it's been a whole mystery. We were given hints the entire season and we didn't even catch on. We were even hints by killer frost and didn't catch on. But until last night were we finally told who savitar was (three episodes before the finale) Alright as soon as I say "let's go" that means we are going into spoilers so if you are here after I say let's go, then say I spoiled the episode for you, don't say I didn't warn you. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Now.....let's go....…

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