So as you probably know, there is a new spin-off show coming out. They have confirmed the actors playing Ray Palmer, Captain Cold, Dr. Stein, and Sara have been announced for the show, and they have said it will also introduce three other characters never seen before in live action. Does this mean as main character, or at all? Here are my six guesses for who they might be.

1 and 2.)Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

        These two would make sense because a.) Kord Industries (Blue Beetle's business)already exists, and Booster Gold is a fan favorite. The only problem, Booster Gold comes from the future. But with time travel being introduced in The Flash, it could still work. The only Live Action show they have ever appeared in is Smallville, but only for one episode.


  It would make sense for Vixen to appear because se is getting an animated series on the CW Seed. And she has never made an appearance in any Live Action show.


  Question has been a character the producers have wanted to use for a while now. This show could be the answer to their problems. And just like Vixen, he hasn't appeared in a single Lie Action show.

5.)Plastic Man

  Plastic Man is one I could see, but I don't think they would choose him. But if they did, he could be great for comedy.

6.)Black Lightning

  I would love this one, especially since he is one of my top 10 characters. He is one of the Outsiders. Katana is already established, and Metamorpho has been hinted at during an episode of Season 1 of Arrow.

Extra: Cheshire

      She would fit perfectly into this universe. I would rather her be introduced in the Arrow show, but I'd be ok if it came in from this show.

What are yours?