I think of the DC TV shows really booming when we hit Smallville. Then, we got Arrow, which got a spin-off, for the Flash. And, we also got Constantine and Gotham. If we have 4 shows right now, think of what could happen here in the future. Here are some ideas for TV shows for the future.

1.)Firestorm: Because of Arrow and Flash have already introduced characters for it. Plus, if you have a DC Universe Presents show, the first episode can be his creation. And if the TV shows connect to the movies, he could be introduced to the Justice League.

2.)Nightwing: Nightwing could focus on Dick Grayson just leaving Gotham and going to Bludhaven. Also, he can have flashbacks when he was still Robin.

3.)DC Universe Presents: This can introduce many characters, like the comic series. For example:

ep 1. Firestorm

ep 2. Atom

ep 3. Black Lightning

What do you think of these ideas? And what shows would you want? Sound off in the comment section below!