Because of Cupid joining the Suicide Squad, we are most likely going to see them this season again. But who will the members be? We obviously have Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Cupid, but who else?

IF Captain Boomerang survives the crossover event, which he most likely will, he will most likely join the Suicide Squad. He has been known to be one of the main members of the league on many occasions. That, or he will team with the Rogues (Captain Cold and Heat Wave).

Clock King has a possibility of joining the team. He has been in the team in the comics before. He could be very helpful to Amanda Waller, but first he must survive his upcoming appearance in The Flash.

Manhunter, or Mark Shaw, has a good chance also. I don't really know him well, other than he has been in the Suicide Squad before.

I can't really see any other villains already on the show that could join. Many think Deathstroke could, but I just don't think he would fit. If anyone else would, they wouldn't have already been from the show. I think Copperhead could be cool, with venom filled needles on his fingertips wearing a leather jacket that looks scaled. And maybe Rick Flag, Jr.

Who do you think should join the Suicide Squad?