There has recently been three more castings for Season 3 of Arrow. They are:

Devon Aoki-Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana Karl Yune-Maseo Yamashiro Peter Stormare-Werner Zytke/Count Vertigo

Katana: In case you don't know, Katana is a heroine from the comics. In the New 52, she is connected to Oliver's backstory. Since she I in the Birds of Prey in the comics, she should make an appearance in present day.

Maseo: Maseo is Katana's husband. He is dead in the comics, so I am pretty sure he will not appear in present day.

Count Vertigo: He is the version of Count Vertigo fro the current comics. The previous one isn't from the comics, and since Count Vertigo is a major villain in his comic book series, don't expect him dyeing.

What do you think of these castings? And who do you suspect to appear in this season, or any later seasons? Sound off in the comment section below!