Ok, so lately there has been a lot of news. First off, I'll tell the castings.

In Flash, Captain Cold has been cast by Wentworth Miller.

A villain named Plastique has been announced, but not casted.

A new picture of Roy's new costume is out. You can look over the internet, but I have to say, It looks amazing!

And last, a possible Justice League has been announced. When Geoff Johns said the movies and TV shows weren't connected, he said "the movie justice league gets Superman and Batman, and TV shows get Atom and Firestorm". So, does that mean there is a Justice League? Heck yeah!

We now it will be Arrow, Flash, Firestorm, and Atom, but who else? I personally want Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Vibe, Plastic Man, and GL (Hal Jordan). All are possible (p.s. I want the Birds of Prey separate).

What do you think of all this news? What do you think of my dream Justice League? And what is your Justice League (be reasonable, don't add Batman, Nightwing, Superman, etc.)? Sound off in the comment section below!