Ok, so Arrow premiered tonight. And can I say, wow, what an awesome episode! Not only was it action packed, but there was also some sweet hearted scenes, and a mystery left that sets up the next episode.


Oliver loses the company in a bid with Ray Palmer. Arrow loses to himself (Vertigo) but Quentin saves him, but is sent to the hospital.

So, no more Oliver Queen, all Arrow! He even lives in the cave! He defeated himself (Vertigo) with the help of an old friend, Sara! Roy stops a bomb with the help of Felicity, too.

Lyla has the baby, and Oliver has a meaningful kiss with Felicity, but their relationship is over.

Not long after, Barry gives Oliver a call. Meanwhile, Laurel and Sara talk. After Laurel leaves, an unknown man puts three arrows in Sara's stomach and she falls, right in front of her! WOW, hardcore!

Who shot her? Unknown right now. Logical guesses?

Malcolm Merlyn (Not likely), Ra's Al Ghul (Meh) or Nyssia Al Ghul (Better) or Komodo (Same as Nyssia).

Who do you think did it?