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    The new Spin-Off Show

    March 8, 2015 by GArrow101

    So as you probably know, there is a new spin-off show coming out. They have confirmed the actors playing Ray Palmer, Captain Cold, Dr. Stein, and Sara have been announced for the show, and they have said it will also introduce three other characters never seen before in live action. Does this mean as main character, or at all? Here are my six guesses for who they might be.

    1 and 2.)Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

    These two would make sense because a.) Kord Industries (Blue Beetle's business)already exists, and Booster Gold is a fan favorite. The only problem, Booster Gold comes from the future. But with time travel being introduced in The Flash, it could still work. The only Live Action show they have ever appeared in is Smallville, bu… Read more >
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    WOW. That was eventful. The mid-season finale aired today, and the ending was brutal! In the ending fight, Ra's Al Ghul KILLS OLIVER! What?!? After Oliver gets the advantage, Ra's takes one last move, striking him through the side, and pushing him down the mountain. He can't be dead, can he? We still have the last half of the season, and we've never even seen Connor Hawke, the only other Green Arrow ever (not including the new Emiko Character or parallel worlds)!

    Nah, he ain't dead, I HOPE. In the teaser he is found on the ground by another person. If he is alive, though, he has one wicked scar to show, not like he doesn't have enough. Who finds him? That is a question we'll have to wait for the answer that will be answered January.

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    Suicide Sqaud

    November 23, 2014 by GArrow101

    Because of Cupid joining the Suicide Squad, we are most likely going to see them this season again. But who will the members be? We obviously have Deadshot, Bronze Tiger, and Cupid, but who else?

    IF Captain Boomerang survives the crossover event, which he most likely will, he will most likely join the Suicide Squad. He has been known to be one of the main members of the league on many occasions. That, or he will team with the Rogues (Captain Cold and Heat Wave).

    Clock King has a possibility of joining the team. He has been in the team in the comics before. He could be very helpful to Amanda Waller, but first he must survive his upcoming appearance in The Flash.

    Manhunter, or Mark Shaw, has a good chance also. I don't really know him well, oth…

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    Ok, so Arrow premiered tonight. And can I say, wow, what an awesome episode! Not only was it action packed, but there was also some sweet hearted scenes, and a mystery left that sets up the next episode.


    Oliver loses the company in a bid with Ray Palmer. Arrow loses to himself (Vertigo) but Quentin saves him, but is sent to the hospital.

    So, no more Oliver Queen, all Arrow! He even lives in the cave! He defeated himself (Vertigo) with the help of an old friend, Sara! Roy stops a bomb with the help of Felicity, too.

    Lyla has the baby, and Oliver has a meaningful kiss with Felicity, but their relationship is over.

    Not long after, Barry gives Oliver a call. Meanwhile, Laurel and Sara talk. After Laurel leaves, an unknown man pu…

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    Ok, so lately there has been a lot of news. First off, I'll tell the castings.

    In Flash, Captain Cold has been cast by Wentworth Miller.

    A villain named Plastique has been announced, but not casted.

    A new picture of Roy's new costume is out. You can look over the internet, but I have to say, It looks amazing!

    And last, a possible Justice League has been announced. When Geoff Johns said the movies and TV shows weren't connected, he said "the movie justice league gets Superman and Batman, and TV shows get Atom and Firestorm". So, does that mean there is a Justice League? Heck yeah!

    We now it will be Arrow, Flash, Firestorm, and Atom, but who else? I personally want Martian Manhunter, Stargirl, Vibe, Plastic Man, and GL (Hal Jordan). All are possi…

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