• Flashdancer911

    So the new 'look ahead' trailer shows Zoom preparing to take off his mask, either in front of Barry or in private as part of a post credit scene. So with the big reveal on the horizon, I would not only like to debunk popular theories that are lurking on the internet, but also state my own before the big reveal does happen (just for the sake of saying "I told you so" hahaha)

    So let's begin with who I don't think Zoom can be:

    (1) Eddie Thawne (both Earth 1 and 2) - Rick is currently starring in another show for starters, not thar it means he can't guess star in a single episode, he did appear in a dream at the beginning of Season 2. But I don't want to believe it's him for a number of reasons. (A) He died a hero, so why become a villain, (B) E…

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