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  • Flamejoe736

    Lego Arrow

    January 25, 2014 by Flamejoe736

    I did anothr page of this before however got kinda stuck with so many requests so I am now startinng again.I will be making Lego Arrow and i will take requests.You can credit to the amazing Berrybrick over at the lego wiki for some of the bodies and heads :-) Choose anyone you want as long as they are in the Arrow Universe im open to any ideas.To make these i get pictures of other lego bricks then using paint take thm apart into sections,Arms,Legs,Heads,Torsos,Hairs then i slot different ones togethor and then i use designs i have drawn on my sketchbook at home and edit the face & arms & body etc

    4 New Arrow characters will be added every time a new episode is on!

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  • Flamejoe736

    Arrow Predictions!

    January 16, 2014 by Flamejoe736

    Ok well this is my blog for some of my Arrow predictions for various characters feel free to comment,give your veiws and just tell me what you think!

    Oliver Queen/Arrow - Ok well obviously Ollie wony die but i feel something will happen soon that for a while he might not stay the arrow for a short perioud of time obviously givving roy soe time in the lime light!Oliver has been through so much and i thinks sometihing will happen that will just make all those feelings inside explode!

    Laurel Lance - Ok I know some people arnet that keen on her and say she needs something big to happen if she wants to become Canary but what the hell shes been through loads! A dead sister,a dead ollie only for him to come back,Tommy died,Her mother left,she was c…

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