Felicity Smoak

As long as she's around I won't be. She dies and I come right back.

I made a post a while back stating that if Felicity didn't die in 5x23 I'd be done for good, but then it went Walking Dead 6x16 and left everyone's fate ambiguous so we'd have to tune into 6x01 to find out who dies. I had been hoping it'd be Felicity but I realize they won't kill her. Guggie is so wrapped up in his worthless creation to ever cross that line despite how much harm she causes the show and how many departed audiences would literally flock back in if she died. So yea I'm not even coming back for 6x01 because I'm just going to assume Felicity will survive so the Helix story line, Smoak Technologies and all the other plot points nobody cares about can be carried out to torture us. This also means by default Olicity which by transaction means season 6 is already going to be crap before it starts. Considering that watching Amell and Rickards try to be loving makes the idea of slitting my wrists sound more appealing, I think I'll be taking my leave now. Wow this show has made me so cynical lol. 

Black Siren talks to Green Arrow

I love Earth-2 Laurel, Katie Cassidy is amazing in the role, but sadly even this isn't enough to bring me back.

Arrow has been an over all good show. First two seasons were gold, third season a little mixed, fourth season was utter crap and fifth season was mostly great again. But that last few episodes of season 5 are what did killed it for me. I should have known better than to actually hope the series would sway away from Olicity, I mean obviously we wouldn't expect a show about Green Arrow to feature him ending up with his actual love interest now would we? Hell I just learned that apparently bringing back Earth-2 Laurel was actually forced upon Guggie by his superiors in response to fan backlash to Earth-1 Laurel's death in an attempt to bring back departing audiences, so this indicates he never intends to go canon unless his superiors are literally holding his hand the entire time. Since they allowed this show to go to shit in the first place under Guggie's direction I don't picture that happening. This makes me feel espeically sad because as much as I love Earth-2 Laurel and Katie Cassidy I just don't have any patience left to ignore Felicity and invest in these plots points. Trying to ignore a character's very existance, when she is wrongfully made the center of the show, only lasts so long after all and my patience is all but gone. 

Dinah Drake

They killed off two Canaries so why will her fate be any different?

For old times sake however I do have one last speculation as to who might actually die in the explosion. Dinah Drake. Yea I get she's going to be main cast but I've been making a point about how Felicity could die despite being main cast because Hawkman was main cast in Legends and died in 1x02. However that also gave me the idea that this could actually apply to Dinah. One thing I think we have to remember as well is Dinah just got the Black Canary name and this series is chronic for killing it's Canaries. First Sara, then Laurel so why will Dinah's fate be any different? It kinda would also fit into what Prometheus was trying to prove to Oliver, that he infects the lives of everybody he comes into contact with, and he only met Dinah a few months ago who he sought out to honor Laurel's legacy. So he'd likely blame himself for seeking her out in the first place. I also think the lack of character development and last minute addition of her character are further indications of this happening. 

Oliver and Laurel kiss

I don't think it was too much to ask for Green Arrow to remain somewhat canon. Obviously not.

So yea unless Felicity dies I'm done with this show. If I hear that she dies though I am instantly changing my mind but I'm not counting on it. Hell maybe once the Helix story is finished and ratings decline as they are no doubt going to Guggie will realize his errors and kill Felicity and pair Oliver with Earth-2 Laurel so the show can become somewhat canon once more, though this is a pipe-dream of course and not worth putting any faith into. I'll still upload posts on The Flash and Legends but don't expect me to upload anymore Arrow posts anymore. I think it's fitting that I end it here to be honest. I mean their original plan was to only have it go to season 5 so I think while I still have some good recent memories of this show, I'll be leaving before they get tainted once more as they no doubt will the way it was meant to end. I've enjoyed Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey and all the others and I'll always remember this show fondly for the good times, but I will always be sad for what it could have been and wasn't.