I have previously written a post similiar to this but in light of recent speculation and since we're less than a week from Arrow's return, I decided to repost this as I wanted to know what other people think knowing what we know now.

Felicity Smoak

I can't believe that after everything they've made us suffer through with this character, this is even an idea! F***ing hell just let Felicity be Overwatch.

There have been rumors that a new female vigilante character named Tina Boland being introduced sometime this season will become the next Black Canary. There are also suggestions that Felicity will be the next Canary. To both of those ideas I say f*** that! There was only one Black Canary, Dinah Laurel Lance, and to see another random character in her suit would be distasteful. That said there really is no Green Arrow without Black Canary and with Laurel dead there is only one acceptable alternative: Her villainous Earth-2 counterpart Laurel Lance / Black Siren.

Black Siren

I think everyone Laurel-2 knew probably died which made her cold and sadistic. However interacting with their Earth-1 counterparts, who naturally would try to find the good in her, might cause her to question her desires.

Laurel-2 having a redemption storyline and becoming the next Black Canary would be an awesome way to have another Canary character but not make it some random new character we’d probably never warm up to, without actually reviving Laurel-1 herself and making death a pointless concept in the show (as much as I want her back). It would also be very emotional for Oliver, Sara and Quentin to encounter an evil Laurel and try to reason with her, believing that she could be brought back from insanity. While Laurel-2 obviously wouldn’t jump right on the bandwagon at this idea as she is a villain, and a rather sadistic one, but interacting with the Earth-2 versions of the people she knew, might make her reconsider her philosophies.

Green Arrow

Green Arrow loved Laurel-1, yea fuck Olicity, and he knew how idealistic and driven she was. I can honestly see Oliver holding out foolish naive hope that Laurel-2 can be redeemed.

True she is from a different Earth and probably lived a very different life than Laurel-1, but she is Laurel-1’s doppelganger who selfless and noble so Laurel-2 may have some of these traits, just buried beneath a mask of ruthlessness probably brought on by a significant number of losses in her life. I think interacting with Oliver and Sara could help bring out a more noble side to her personality, and realize that Earth-1 is a chance for her to start over. Also Laurel-1 made Oliver promise to not let her be the last Canary so what better way to honor that promise then by passing it to a reformed version of herself, as Oliver knows what Laurel-1 was and thus what Laurel-2 could be. After all if criminals like Captain Cold and Heat Wave can find redemption then why not Black Siren? I should also note that Black Siren is actually more faithful in appearance to the comic Black Canary as she is from Earth-2, is a meta-human with a screaming power rather than an electric collar, hell she even has fishnets on her outfit for crying out loud.

Black Canary (Laurel Lance)

Obviously Black Canary's death was the worst mistake the writers could have made. Unfortunately it's made and we can't change it. So I think this is the best solution of a bad situation.

This is just a thought but one which I am now hoping comes true in light of these previous rumors, although I am excited to see an evil Laurel just being evil for a while too, because I don’t want some other random woman character being Black Canary because I just won’t warm up to it. If they don’t have an Earth-2 Laurel redemption storyline then I don’t want any Canary in the show, unless it's Sara of course, hell I was outraged when Evelyn tried being Black Canary last season for one episode. After all I think we can all agree the producers made the mistake of killing Laurel in the first place.