Some people might feel differently, but I'm not that impressed with Savitar. Primarily because he feels like Zoom 2.0. That and I can't get over the fact he looks like Megatron.

I think it's no secret by this point that out of all the Arrowverse shows this year The Flash has turned out to be the slowest, ironically, and least entertaining. Ironically Arrow, a I show I've despised for the last 2 years, has become my favorite again. The main problems with Flash's lack of success this year are attributed to lackluster adaptation of the iconic story line Flashpoint, as well as the choice of main villain being a speedster yet again when it has been this way for all three seasons now. Flashpoint had been hyped up since mid-Season 1 and we were all blown away when we realized at the end of last season it was finally being done.

The Rival vs The Flash

Of all the comic storylines the Arrowverse had adapted, Flashpoint was quite possibly the most poorly executed one of them all.

Then one episode later it's over and barely anything happened and they mainly did it to give everyone a "blame Barry for everything" story with the fallout of the timeline changes, when most of these changes could have easily been done without the use of Flashpoint and thus keeping a good story for when it should be done. Savitar as the villain is basically just another year of Barry gets faster, when that was the driving goal of last year's season with Zoom. I also don't find him that threatening because of it and I genuinely find Zoom to be a far more menacing threat. What I have written below is how this season should have been done, with Doctor Alchemy being the main villain without the use of Savitar and how Flashpoint could have been more faithfully executed accounting not just for the few main Flash character's involved but the entire Arrowverse itself.

Since the season hasn't finished yet this is also basically my predictions for the second half of the season twisted with how I think it should be done. Also this is quite a long read so get comfortable because you'll be here a while.


Henry Allen

The season should have focused more on Barry trying to cope with the loss of Henry, after just getting over Nora.

6 months have passed since Henry’s death and Barry continues to be The Flash but is still struggling to move on from losing another parent, but is sensible enough to not push his team away this time. He and Iris still haven’t gone out because Barry thinks he’ll be worthless to her the state of depression he’s in right now, but Iris wishes Barry would realize that them being together would make him happy again. Cisco has begun to make amends with Dante but Caitlin is still suffering P.T.S.D. from being Zoom’s captive and is still haunted by visions of him. After an encounter with a meta-human Iris is kidnapped but Barry succeeds in finding her but the meta-human is suddenly killed when his body literally turns to vapor, as he mutters the words “Alchemy”. From a distance an elusive figure accompanied by several other meta-humans referred to as “Doctor Alchemy” watches, and proclaims to his followers that the first step in his vengeance have begun. After this Barry finally asks Iris out as he thought he was going to lose her and admits that while he’s still sad over his parents, he can’t keep putting his life on pause and the two finally start going out.

Alchemy and Magenta

I thought the show had a good thing going with Alchemy being the main villain, then they killed it by revealing him to be a lackey to yet another speedster.

Over the next few weeks Flash faces more meta-human threats but keeps encountering more fanatical followers of Doctor Alchemy but after defeating each of them, all of them continually die one after another leaving Barry unable to get answers, as Alchemy is using his mysterious stone to kill them after failing. Barry is also joined at C.C.P.D. by fellow CSI meta-human specalist Julian Albert, though he doesn’t get along with Barry because he knows he’s hiding something. After all come on, who didn't guess that Julian Albert was Doctor Alchemy? Having him be transfered to C.C.P.D. during the events of Season 2 as a result of the new timeline change didn't fool anyone. Also the fact that his last name is Albert like Doctor Alchemy's comic counterpart Albert Desmond. Also the fact that Julian is played by Draco Malfoy when comics fans know the stone Doctor Alchemy uses is the Philospiher's stone! 


Seriously? This was gonna happen with or without Flashpoint!

Caitlin meanwhile secretly begins exhibiting cold powers and has been for some time now but tries to keep it suppressed. However she is haunted by visions of Zoom who eventually starts talking to her and telling her she is destined to become Killer Frost. Unable to ignore "Zoom" anymore Caitlin continually tells "him" that she won't and tells "him" to go away but "Zoom" reminds her that the very fact she's seeing him, means deep down she knows it's a possibility which only frightens her more. Meanwhile Wally continually gets sick, as the Speed Force is slowly developing in his cells though his metamorphosis is more painful as he bypassed the coma stage. Joe also moves on from widowhood and finds romance with Cecile and the team recruits Earth-19 HR Wells to substitute for Harry Wells.

The Rival

I feel they could have done more with The Rival, especially since his traditional archenemy Jay Garrick is a recurring character this season.

Eventually another speedster, Edward Clariss / The Rival, begins terrorizing the city and while his speed doesn’t excel Barry’s it does equal it, and he is also one of Doctor Alchemy’s associates. After Cisco is able to vibe him he locates Alchemy’s hideout. Barry then confronts Alchemy and The Rival. However Alchemy uses the power of his stone to severely thrash Barry around and cause him numerous forms of physical pain including his body turning to vapour which he is forced to use super-healing to fix but heals as fast as Alchemy can melt him. However Cisco and Caitlin intervene and use their powers to attack Alchemy and The Rival giving Barry the chance to escape, with the trio now having a better understanding of the villain they're up against, and that this year's evil speedster is a lackey to someone much worse. While this leads to Caitlin briefly being taken over by her Killer Frost persona the team is able to talk sense into her. However Alchemy secretly planted a tracking device on Barry and Alchemy, unmasking and revealing himself as Julian Albert, uses his tech at C.C.P.D. to follow him back to S.T.A.R. Labs and after hacking the cameras learns his enemy's real identity: Barry Allen.

Barry saves his mother

I would have waited until episode 7 to do Flashpoint, thereby allowing Flashpoint to be a 3 episode Arrow/Flash/Legends crossover.

Doctor Alchemy then makes a big move against Barry by using his stone on Dante Ramon and transforming him into Earth-1 Rupture. Alchemy forces Dante to fight Barry or watch Cisco die, but Dante defiantly disobeys him. Unfortunately Alchemy doesn’t tolerate this and as he tries to kill Cisco with the stone Dante stands in the way and as he tearfully says goodbye to Cisco, Alchemy reduces Dante to ashes right in front of Cisco. Seeing Cisco lose his brother, Caitlin slowly going insane and all these meta-humans emerging because of a grudge Doctor Alchemy has against him for reasons he doesn’t know Barry, still depressed over his father's death, finally snaps and travels back in time and stops Eobard Thawne from murdering Nora Allen.


The heroes take on the Dominators in a final showdown

I wanted to see all the Arrowverse characters and how differently they would be because of Flashpoint. I also would have made Flashpoint a 3 episode crossover preciously so we could see this happen.

In what would have been an Flash/Arrow/Legends crossover Barry is now living a normal life in the alternate timeline "Flashpoint" with both his parents alive. He and Iris are still dating, though under difference circumstances as they weren't foster sibilings in this timeline. Eddie and the actual Earth-1 Harrison Wells are alive, Joe is police captain and while Wally is still a speedster, now named Kid Flash, Wally is a member of an entire team of heroes defending Central City. This team includes a meta-human Black Canary who is the team’s leader, Firestorm who is comprised of Prof. Stein and a still-alive Ronnie Raymond, Cisco/Vibe whose brother is now alive again concert pianist, Dr. Light who is the Earth-1 Linda Park, Nate Heywood/Steel and Thea/Speedy. They are also aided by Dr. Wells and his still-alive wife Tess Morgan. Despite the apparent better improvement to the timeline however Eobard Thawne, captive in a carbine prison, warns Barry that Flashpoint will end badly for everyone.

Vandal Savage

To subsitue for Aquaman and Wonder Woman's roles, I would of have Vandal Savage and Damien Darhk be at war because both murdered each other's families.

Truer that he knows, in this timeline Damien Darhk is still alive and is at war with Vandal Savage when the immortal tyrant killed his wife and daughter, in a botched attempt to assassinate him, viewing his Genesis plot as a threat to his future rule. This resulted in Darhk retaliating by killing Savage’s daughter Scandal Savage and both have been at war with each other for months resulting in thousands dead. The problem is Damien Darhk is a sorcerer and Vandal Savage is immortal so both have been forced to go to extreme length to find the means to kill each other which has only cost countless more people their lives and has put the world on the brink of World War III. Even A.R.G.U.S. is all but powerless to stop them as their body count continues to rise. Other superheroes such as Team Arrow (Ragman, Artemis, Wild Dog, Huntress, Wildcat, Vigilante and Mr. Terrific) tried to stop Darhk but all perished. Additionally a time displaced Justice Society of America tried to stop Savage only to meet the same fates.

White Canary

Sara and Roy are two of the most beloved Arrowverse characters, so why not make them villains in Flashpoint?

To make matters worse Darhk is aided not only by Slade Wilson / Deathstroke, the world's greatest assassin, but also Sara Lance / White Canary. Similarly Savage’s most trusted ally besides the time travelling Chronos is Roy Harper / Arsenal. After the Undertaking in 2013 Sara was presumed to be one of the fatalities. In reality she was discovered by Damien Darhk, who saw potential in her, so he brought her into H.I.V.E. Brainwashed into believing in their cause, she trained under Damien's mentor-ship and became his most lethal assassin. Damien also came to care for her like a second daughter as she was utterly devoted to his cause, as Sara came to love Damien like her own father and also cared for Ruve like a mother and Nora like a sister. Sara and Laurel have subsequently crossed paths from time to time and have almost killed each other as a result. When Ruve and Nora were killed Sara became just as vengeful towards Savage as Darhk was. 


Roy actually is one of Vandal Savage's descendants in the comics.

Simiarly Roy drifted between cities in his youth as a criminal but during his stay in Coast City he met Vandal Savage, who revealed he is his distant ancestor. Explaining and proving that he fathered a child with one of Roy's ancestors centuries ago, which then started a bloodline leading to Roy's birth, Savage took Roy under his wing and trained him to be his most ferice warrior. Greatful to Savage for taking him in Roy became devoted to his cause and became his second in command. As Savage basically was his greatx8 grandfather Roy came to view him as a surrogate father and came to care for Scandal Savage like a sister. When Damien Darhk killed Scandal, just like Vandal, Roy became just as vengeful towards Darhk as Vandal was.
Al Sah-him

Without question Oliver would have filled in for Thomas Wayne's role, and as a twist he's Dark Archer rather than Malcolm!

To stop the Darhk/Savage conflict A.R.G.U.S. Director Maseo Yamashiro and Ray Palmer / The Atom have been gathering a team of heroes to fight both adversaries. Ray became The Atom as a result of Malcolm Merlyn's Undertaking in 2013, rather than Slade Wilson's siege in 2014. Despite Maseo and Ray having recruited Laurel’s team and even several criminals to their cause, their attempt to recruit Oliver Queen / Dark Archer doesn’t go well as he rejects his offer. Having lost his entire Team Arrow the previous year Oliver believes no one can stop Savage or Darhk and that the world will end anyway. Meanwhile the Suicide Squad led by Diggle and Lyla discover a Thanagarian meteorite on Lian Yu but are ambushed by H.I.V.E. and most are killed by Sara and Slade, but Diggle manages to escape with a fragment of the meteor.

Black Canary (Laurel Lance)

If Flashpoint-Laurel would be alive of course she'd need to be a meta-human. I also think it would be a good story if she was leader of her own team.

Meanwhile Barry while on a date with Iris accidentally reveals his powers to save her from a meta-human and is brought to Laurel's group where he explains that he's from an alternate timeline, and that he created the current timeline they're living in trying to fix the broken history of his timeline. Having confirmed his legitmacy Laurel offers Barry a place on the team but he is uncertian, but does get to know the rest of the team and their new backstories. Laurel originally lived in Starling City but moved to Central City after a tragedy, and was affected by Harrison Wells particle accelerator and became Black Canary. Ronnie worked at Mercury Labs with Professor Stein until they were affected by the particle accelerator and became Firestorm. Also working a Mercury Labs was Cisco, who is married to Lisa Snart, who similarily was affected and became Vibe. Nate was English literature professor at Central City College, rather than a historian in Starling City, and was affected and became Steel. Wally was in an illegal drag race when his car was struck by lightning via the accelerator giving him the powers of a speedster. Linda was a thief living in poverty, and gained powers and became Dr. Light. Initally a criminal she met Wally and fell in love with him and he convinced her to reform and help people instead. 


I think it would be hilarious if Thea had Oliver's backstory instead.

Thea, the only non meta-human individual on the team, was marooned on Lian Yu at age 12 almost 10 years ago in a yacht accident that killed her step-father Robert and mother Moira. After 5 years in hell she was rescued and returned home and became the vigilante "Speedy", trying to fullfil his father's dying wish to save their home. Facinated by the changes Barry suddenly starts to lose his memories and Eobard reveals that since he never became The Flash in this timeline, his powers and memories will fade away, in order to align with the new timeline he's created, and the more excessively he uses his speed the quicker they will go. Of course Barry simply thinks Eobard is messing with him and doesn't take his threats seriously.

Killer Frost vs Vibe

Since they were married Pre-Flashpoint, Killer Frost and Firestorm should have been archenemies in Flashpoint as per their traditional comic roles.

Things start to go bad when a gang of meta-human criminals "The Rouges" led by Caitlin Snow / Killer Frost, Firestorm’s ex-wife and archenemy, attack S.T.A.R. Labs and Wally and Linda die fighting as a result. However this is also a distraction caused by Savage so Laurel’s team doesn’t come to help A.R.G.U.S as he invades it to destroy the Thanagarian meteorite they obtained which furthermore draws the attention of Darhk. Star City quickly becomes ground zero to World War III, and only Oliver and Ray are present to stop it. Seeing the dangers of Flashpoint Barry decides to go back and change it but Eobard stops him, having escaped in the chaos, and pulls him out of the Speed Force. Eobard tells Barry he plans to watch in amusement as he loses everyone he loves knowing he is the cause of it all, and then after having his satisfaction will go back and kill Barry as a child anyway since he now knows he failed and won’t make the same mistake twice.


Eobard's plan was to kill Barry as a child, so I don't get why he didn't simply go back and do it again, rather than try and restore the timeline where there is still a Flash.

Realizing Thawne won’t let him escape Barry comes to Laurel’s team’s aid but is too late to save Wally and Linda and Caitlin is put in custody. The other meta-humans are killed by a bloodlusting Thea, a side-effect of being revived in the Lazarus Pit by Oliver after Ra’s al Ghul killed her. Barry is horrified to learn Caitlin is Killer Frost in this timeline. Ronnie then explains their story as they wait for a breach to open. Ronnie and Caitlin were married and were both affected by the accerator, but Caitlin's powers had phycological effects that drove her insane and she became a serial killer/heat vampire who needs to keep killing to stay alive. Ronnie and Caitlin have been fight ever since though Ronnie has continually tried to bring her sanity back to no avail. Cisco then breaches the group including Barry, Laurel, Thea, Firestorm and Dr. Wells, after Wells insisted on coming as well, to A.R.G.U.S. where most of the building has come down and Maseo is dead and Diggle struggles to hold off the enemy. Despite their attempts to stop Savage he unleashes the power of the Staff of Horus and vaporises the entire city.

The Flash vs. the Reverse-Flash in the year 2000

I don't think Eobard killing Nora created an alternate timeline. I think Barry and Eobard's rivalry is a time loop.

However Rip Hunter teleports them all to safety and informs them of an abnormally large aberration to the natural flow of history and everyone realizes that Barry's creation of the new timeline is responsible, but Barry stands by his intentions as Eobard’s actions already messed up his life. However Rip reveals that historically the Barry that Eobard was obsessed with, was one driven by the death of his mother at Reverse-Flash’s hands, whose legacy would inspire Eobard in the future. Meaning that there was no original timeline and these actions are all part of an inescapable time loop, one of the many anomolies of the Speed Force, and Barry is in fact the one who screwed up history by trying to reobtain a life that never actually happened. While everyone becomes pissed at him for his actions Barry promises to change things back once Darhk, Savage and Thawne are taken down. Oliver still refuses to help and upon Barry's insistance he explains his story and why he won't help.

The Undertaking

Since Malcolm lost his wife in 1993, the Undertaking would happen regardless of Flashpoint.

In 2013 when Malcolm Merlyn initiated the Undertaking Oliver's wife Samantha Clayton and their son 7 year old son William were among the fatalities. Driven by grief and revenge Oliver then traveled to Nanda Parbat and trained with the League of Assassins under Ra's al Ghul and after 6 months became a venerated assassin. Around this time Thea, ashamed to have failed her father's crusade, and Laurel, overwhelmed with grief after losing her father and mother and believed to have lost her sister, and both moved to Central City for fresh starts where Thea continued operating as Speedy and where Laurel would become Black Canary. Back in Starling City in late 2013 Oliver returned home and after vengefully killing Malcolm, became a vigilante known as "Dark Archer" and became a feared symbol in Starling City and his criminal body count was too excessive to contemplate. After hearing all this Barry offers his sympathies and reveals that William is alive in his timeline but Laurel isn't and while Oliver is saddened to learn Laurel will die, he agrees to help Barry if he will restore the timeline.

John Constantine

Since the anti-Damien Darhk tattoo Oliver used to kill Darhk came from Constantine, it could have been a way to get him back on the show.

As the team strategies Barry, knowing how they both died originally, has Cisco vibe the real timeline and witnesses both their deaths, and Team Arrow and the Legends other attempts to kill their adversaries. Rip then sends out a team to retrieve Hawkman and Hawkgirl so they can kill Savage, and sends Leonard Snart / Citizen Cold to retrieve the dagger that can kill Savage. Meanwhile the team also locates John Constantine and he provides Laurel, after flirting with her, with the anti-Damien Darhk magic tattoo thingy so Laurel will be immune to his powers, as everyone agrees she is the bravest and selfless of them all. Furthermore while Diggle enlists the aid of A.R.G.U.S. remaining soldiers. Furthermore Nyssa, now Ra's al Ghul herself, also provides the aid of the League of Assassins for the upcoming inevitable fight and so she can be with her lover Thea. Since Nyssa never met Sara and Thea never met Roy, why not?

Felicity Smoak

Felicity once mentioned her childhood fear of being a cocktail waitress like her mother.

For tech support Oliver, Barry and Ray seek out Felicity's aid but to Barry's horror discovers that she is a drunken cocktail waitress in Las Vages named Meg Kuttler. In this timeline Felicity's mother died at a young age and she was raised by her father Noah and as a result had the surname Kuttler instead, and as she hated her first name she went by Meg, a shortened version of her middle name. When Noah was killed in a police shootout she was taken into foster care and didn't have the money to go to college so she descended into the life she'd prayed she'd never get, the life her mother lived. Now she spends most nights that she's not working getting wasted out of selfloathing and resentment towards life. She also still has her gothic look, and thankfully she does still have her computer skills.


Deathstroke has sometimes played the anti-hero, so Flashpoint could have been a chance for him to do so.

After being approached on the offer she agrees, whilst simultaneously flirting with all 3 of her Pre-Flashpoint love interests, with Oliver ironically remarking that in no timeline would he ever be with her. Yea screw Olicity. Meanwhile Darhk infiltrates the vacant S.T.A.R. Labs and rigs the stolen Thanagarian meteorite to the particle accelerator as his ultimate weapon to kill Savage, and all they need do is lure him there. However Deathstroke realizes that Darhk's vengeance will cost too many lives including his own and contacts Mari McCabe / Vixen and tips her off of Darhk's super weapon, then in turn passes it to Oliver as she joins their mission too. However Deathstroke has no intention of getting himself killed so he steers as far away from Central City as he possible can.

Coast City

Since we never really get to see it, this could have been a good time to feature Coast City.

Savage decides to end things by having Chronos retrieve younger versions of Darhk’s wife and daughter to lure them to Coast City, where Darhk and Savage’s forces engage in all out war with each other. While Damien brings every H.I.V.E. soldier Savage has every one of his future soldiers from 2166 transported to the present, and both armies engage each other and kill thousands within minutes. Admit the fight the combined forces of A.R.G.U.S. and the League of Assassins engage both armies while Rip transports all the heroes into the middle of the battle. Meanwhile Rip, Mari, Nate, Felicity and Wells take the Waverider back to Central City so they can disable Darhk’s super-weapon.

Deathstorm and Killer Frost kiss

Firestorm the superhero and Killer Frost the supervillain, hello! That's the makings of a Romero and Juliet story right there! BTW I know this is Deathstorm in the photo but this is as close to an example as I can use.

After shooting past Darhk’s guards Felicity hacks into the bomb but as she succeeds Wells betrays and murders Felicity and Rip, then reveals he is really Eobard Thawne in disguise. After a brief fight with Nate and Mari which ends with their deaths Eobard sabotages the bomb to ensure nobody can disable it and makes his way back to Coast City. Just to inconvenience the other heroes and to set the stage for Barry's final humiliating defeat he also breaks Killer Frost out of prison and takes her with him and drops her in Coast City where she fights Firestorm yet again. However Firestorm tries to reason with Killer Frost, if for no other reason than self-preservation, to help him against Darhk and Savage as their plans will end the world. Despite Killer Frost ignoring him Firestorm continues to plead, tired of fighting his wife all the time, and tries to force her to regain her sanity by letting her kill him. While Killer Frost has the chance to do so at the last minute she can't do it even when Firestorm practically forces her to do it, but Firestorm is attacked by H.I.V.E. soldiers and when he is in serious danger of being killed Killer Frost wipes out the H.I.V.E. soldiers as her sanity slowly restores. Though she claims Ronnie is the only person she'd never kill he still believes she isn't beyond saving but regardless Killer Frost agrees to, just this once, help him. 

Kendra Saunders

She wasn't the best written character granted, but I think Flashpoint could have given her and Hawkman a do-over.

As Darhk and Savage meet on the battlefield they fight each other with their respective abilities, driven by vengeance for the deaths of their daughters, but amidst the chaos the heroes interfere and Laurel, Cisco, Oliver and Diggle fight Darhk while Ray, Snart, Kendra and Carter fight Savage. However Cisco, Diggle, Oliver, Ray and Snart are forced to deal with more H.I.V.E. soldiers as well as Roy and Sara. Oliver and Diggle successfully kill Roy but Diggle is killed by Sara while Oliver is mortally wounded as Thea attacks Sara out of rage, while Chronos appears and kills Snart and fights Ray. As Barry transports Oliver to safety Eobard reappears, casually eating Big Belly Burger as he taunts Barry about the timeline, beats the hell out of Oliver, then races Barry around the city before beating him into submission. Crippled and his speed getting even slower, Barry is further taunted about his failure with a front row seat from a nearby building.

Nyssa Raatko

How sad would it be to watch Nyssa and Sara fight to the death, when they were lovers in Pre-Flashpoint.

Eobard also notes the irony of trying to kill Barry for years and now he is the cause of his own undoing. Meanwhile Chronos kills Ray while Cisco confronts him head on aided by Firestorm and Killer Frost and while Cisco is still killed, Firestorm and Killer Frost successfully kill Chronos. Meanwhile Thea is killed by Sara who is attacked by Nyssa and the two Pre-Flashpoint lovers kill each other. Elsewhere Carter has been killed as Kendra is moments away from sharing his fate until Deathstroke intervenes, having changed his mind, and dies buying enough time for Kendra to retrieve the Amon Dagger, which she uses to kill Savage. Elsewhere Laurel succeeds in killing Darhk with one of Oliver's arrows but succumbs to earlier injuries when she realizes she's been stabbed in the heart, and passes away in Firestorm's arms as Killer Frost even looks on remorseful. 

S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploding

To substitue for Aquaman's W.M.D., I would of had Darhk rig a Thanagarian meteor to the accelerator so the resulting explosion destroys everything.

However before Darhk succumbs to his injuries completely he reveals to Firestorm and Killer Frost that he rigged the bomb in Central City to his heartbeat and if he dies it will detonate and produce a blastwave strong enough to engulf America itself, in theory. As the bomb goes off everyone in Central City is instantly engulfed in the blastwave, Barry’s parents included. Within a few minutes the blast wave is visible from Coast City and Eobard taunts Barry about his impending fate, but amidst his gloating Eobard is shot in the back of the heat by Oliver using Laurel's gun who after apologising to Barry for his parents cruel fates, passes away in Barry’s arms. As Barry runs Killer Frost insist they run but Firestorm, knowing they’re doomed, simply hugs his wife as she does the same as both accept their fates. After gaining enough speed Barry runs back to 2000.

Barry's future suit

I thought it would have been much more creative if future Barry, was the Flashpoint version of him trying to correct his mistake.

After arriving Barry spots Reverse-Flash running down the same road and he chases after him and, as he feared, the two of them dive into the Allen household where they fight around Nora Allen as Henry and the 11 year old Barry watch. As the two speedsters fight Barry sees his season 1 finale self trying to interfere and, now understanding why, signals him not to interfere and speeds off after his 11 year old self. After transporting him 20 blocks away Barry goes back to the house and as his season 2 finale self tries to create Flashpoint, Barry intercepts him and stops him entering the house in the first place allowing Eobard to kill Nora uninterupted and speed away, erasing Flashpoint. As the younger Barry fades away as a result of the timeline change Barry then returns to the present.



Barry changed things back in the comic Flashpoint because the world was on the brink of death. Call me cynical but I don't think Wally getting hurt was cause enough to change things back.

To Barry's joy when he returns home everything is as it should be. Barry then visits Oliver and tells him about Flashpoint and he is quite stunned to learn of how different things were, but this also gives him a new perspective on his own life after learning how differently his life could have been. While Barry believes his life has gone back to normal he finally decides to be there for Cisco and now knowing that Caitlin without the support of any of her friends will become Killer Frost, becomes more supportive to help her condition now seeing that changing it only made it worse. However he becomes more wary about Wally becoming a speedster as he saw his Flashpoint self die. Meanwhile Doctor Alchemy assembles a large group of a dozen or so individuals and uses his stone, the Philosopher’s stone, on them and turns them into meta-humans. Alchemy then reveals that the individuals he's transformed were meta-humans in Flashpoint, revealing he's aware of the alternate timeline, and they will serve as his army in his pursuit of vengeance.

Savitar posesses Julian

Again because the main antagonist is a disembodied spirit, they could have easily bypassed Savitar and kept Alchemy the main villain.

While celebrating Christmas with his family Doctor Alchemy strikes with a new group of meta-human henchmen, trying to unleash the power of the stone directly into Central City. Barry enlists Jay Garrick to help with The Rival and they confront Alchemy and his minions and he seals the stone in a box he has, which cuases Alchemy to unexpectedly pass out. They discover him to be Julian but claims to be unaware of Alchemy’s actions. Cisco then opens the box after seeing visions of his brother, but then Julian starts speaking with the Alchemy voice again and telekencially retrieves the stone, and Barry realizes Julian is being possessed by a seperate entity. With Barry pinned down by Alchemy and Jay too injured to help Wally comes to his rescue while Cisco closes the box. To get answers the team allows Julian to be possessed by Alchemy while restrained where he reveals he’s from the future and taunts them of their future fates. To stop him Barry and Jay send the stone into the Speed Force but a side-effect sends Barry into the future and he sees Iris die at Alchemy’s hands. After returning he is prompted to try and change the future as he and Cisco travel to the future and record key dates.

The Flash (Jay Garrick)

The Rival is Jay Garrick's archenemy usually. They should have kept him alive and eventually transport him to Earth-3 where he can become Jay's rival.

After Doctor Alchemy’s disappearance and weeks of trying to change the future and despite changing some events but not Iris' death, The Rival makes another attack at both Flashes but is eventually defeated and locked up in the pipeline this time. However the team realizes that if they keep Clariss locked up he will most likely be killed when Doctor Alchemy returns, but they can’t simply set him free either. Instead they have Jay Garrick transport Clariss to a prison on Earth-3 to spare him from death when Doctor Alchemy makes his return. When transported there Clariss vows that he will escape one day and kill the entire Flash family starting with Jay Garrick, hinting towards their comic rivalry. 

File:Jesse Quick in costume.png

Meanwhile Wally and Jesse’s romance begins to blossom but both are conflicted because they live on parallel Earths and on both Earths are speedsters with responsibilities. After several recurring trips between Earths both do eventually realize that they either won’t work out or one needs to move to the other Earth. While Jesse initially believes she should move to Earth-1 Wally instead decides that once Alchemy is dealt with, he’ll move to Earth-2 instead as Jesse can’t abandon Earth-2 and Earth-1 already has Barry to protect it. While Harry is, obviously, sceptical about his daughter dating Joe and Iris, though sad, give their approval as they want Wally to be happy. 

Alchemy and Wally

For Savitar, in this case Alchemy, to be from the future Barry will have to encounter the present day version of him.

However the team worries when Doctor Alchemy apparently resurfaces though when they put Julian back in the pipeline, and Alchemy attacks C.C.P.D. they realize they're dealing with someone else wearing the outfit. Strangley this new Alchemy also has the Philosopher’s stone which he begins using to transform people into meta-humans. When Barry unmasks him he is a C.C.P.D. officer named Alexander Petrov and claims the stone simply appeared out of thin air one day, and discovered what it could do and start using it for his own gain. During a fight Barry turns the stone around on Petrov and uses it to vaporise him into dust, in a slight fit of rage trying to prevent Iris death, believing it may be Petrov not the original Alchemy he saw kill Iris. Then like before sends the stone into the Speed Force hoping to never see it again.

Captain Cold

Ok seriously why the hell have we not seen a full on Rouges team up yet?

Things also get interesting when Captain Cold makes a surprise return, as I’m hoping something in Legends brings him back to life for real, and continues his criminal ways and with his sister Golden Glider assembles a team of villains including Mirror Master, Weather Wizard, Top and Dr. Light to steal whatever they want called “The Rouges”. Their goal is to use their collective abilities to defeat The Flash and take whatever they want. While the Rouges are effective in stopping The Flash the first time and obtaining riches they quickly succumb to fighting amongst themselves. They also question why they're taking orders from Captain Cold when they're all meta-humans. However as they attemtpt a coup Leonard and Lisa quickly get the drop on them by surprising them, already anticipating a betrayal, and hold Weather Wizard and Top at gunpoint while Mirror Master and Dr. Light won't be able to react before they got shots off which only only gett hem all killed. After a heated stand-off they fall back in line.

Linda Park in the Pipeline

If Wally hinted an attraction to Earth-2 Linda, it would be faithful to him and Linda Park in the comics and his tendency to date villains such as Artemis, Magenta and Jinx. It's double win!

The second time Barry goes up against them he brings Wally along and the odds are far more even and they defeat the Rouges, though very slimly, and most are returned to Iron Heights though Captain Cold and Golden Glider manage to escape. Kid Flash also hints an attraction to Earth-2 Linda / Dr. Light, much to her surprise and confusion, though his feelings obviously still lie with Jesse. After defeating the Rouges Barry feels uneasy since he didn’t see anything of a Rouges attack on the newspaper and he and Cisco vibe their way back there, but see the newspaper is different with record of a Rouges attack. While Barry is pleased to see the future is changing he is also worried that his alterations are only causing other threats to take their place, supported by the fact that Iris' death still occurs despite their timeline alterations already.

Young Eobard meets Barry

I think the show needs to start showing Eobard's earlier attempts to kill Barry, before his inevitable marooning in the past.

Additionally Barry is confronted by another version of Eobard Thawne, this version who has met Barry but has yet to kill Nora, and both fight another speedster battle around the city which ends with Eobard’s defeat and lockup at S.T.A.R. Labs yet again. While Barry knows Thawne needs to be sent back to his time he inquires him about his future, the year 2195 (I presume since Eobard has the appearance of a man in his 40s and mentions to be born in 2151), and what he knows about him or his ally's. Eobard tells Barry about some of his future achievements and also mentions a crisis in 2024 and on Barry's insistance Eobard mentions it to be written by Iris West-Allen. Pleased to hear this Barry sends Eobard back to his time where he vows to return yet again, as Barry promises to always be there to stop him, but Barry begins to have false hope that perhaps Iris’ death won’t happen after all, since Iris is still alive by 2024 in Eobard’s time. However the newspaper still reads Julie Greer and Barry realizes that Eobard would be lying or he could hail from a different future due to the paradoxal nature of his existance, so whatever he knows might not apply to their current present.

Kid Flash

I think it would be better if Alchemy turned Wally into a Reverse-Flash type character, and he became his unwilling servant along with Caitlin. That way we'd still have an evil speedster for Barry to fight without him being the main villain yet again.

Cisco is approached by Gypsy asking him to come to Earth-19 as there is someone she needs him to meet. Confused but happy to comply Cisco travels with Gypsy to Earth-19 to meet this person but unfortunately just hours later, the portal into the Speed Force opens again and the stone falls back out of it and the spirit of Alchemy possesses Julian once more and forces him to be Doctor Alchemy again. For this first move he uses the Philosopher’s stone on Wally and Caitlin and while they are already meta-humans their powers are still developing, and the stone accelerates this process. Caitlin subsequently turns full Killer Frost and is pushed off the deep end and Wally is driven insane from the suddenly Speed Force boost and becomes Kid Zoom, and both are now Alchemy’s unwilling servants and forces them to attack Barry while he uses the stone to create an army of meta-humans. After doing so Alchemy uses the stone on Barry and forces him to relive the entire Flashpoint timeline and he realizes all of Alchemy’s meta-human minions, were meta-humans in Flashpoint and have now been brainwashed into embracing their Flashpoint selves where most were criminals, where as in both Pre-Flashpoint and Post-Flashpoint they were normal civilians.

Savitar traveling through a breach

I'm convinced Barry is going to meet Savitar's younger self later, as it's the only way he can know them in the past. But again this could have been easily bypassed with Alchemy.

Doctor Alchemy, with Caitlin and Wally by his side, uses his new army to invade and take over S.T.A.R. Labs, forcing the team to abandon the facility as it is heavily ravaged and Doctor Alchemy subsequently creates a force-field to keep them out. As Barry tries to figure out how to stop Alchemy without harming Caitlin, Wally or Julian suddenly Alchemy’s spirit possesses HR and he finally reveals the truth: Doctor Alchemy is Alexander Petrov, who is in fact the same Alchemy who was tormenting Barry at the start of the season and he explains his story to a confused Barry. When Petrov found the Philosopher’s stone he became obsessed with the power it provided and sought to use it to obtain whatever he wanted adopting the name “Doctor Alchemy”, but then The Flash stood in his way. Then in Barry's desperate fit of rage to save Iris he turned the stone back on Petrov, which caused it to transform him into a living spirit housed within the stone itself, and he couldn’t use the stone to fix himself because he’d technically already used it to give himself powers so he couldn’t reverse the effects.

Alchemy's stone glows

I'm also convinced that because the stone is in the Speed Force as of 3x13, that Black Flash will play a part in it's return to the present as he is also within the Speed Force.

Then Barry threw the stone into the Speed Force where he remained for centuries driven insane by the power the stone held, until he was thrown out by something, a corpse-like entity, and landed in ancient times thousands of years ago. There he began possessing people and using the Doctor Alchemy name to rally followers, granting them powers, and pillaged over numerous villages and killed many people and became a feared individual and was worshiped as a god. However several shamans designed a casket that could contain the stone, and they led an army of revels to oppose Alchemy's meta-human armies. Thousands of these rebels died buying enough time for the shamans to reach Alchemy, obtain the stone from him and close it in the box, sealing Alchemy away. Then the box was buried in a tomb and the tomb itself was buried deep underground as the shamans hoped no one would ever find it. Subsequently they worked on erasing all traces of Alchemy's existance, though the stone itself remained legend reinterpreted over time and appeared as other legends including the Hindu myth the "Brahmastra". 

Savitar kills Iris

It would be fitting if Barry's attempts to stop his enemy, only created him. Again could have been done more effectively with Alchemy rather than Savitar.

Over the centuries Alchemy was left with a bitter hatred towards Flash for trapping him in the past in the first place, and vowed revenge. Alchemy waited until the early 21st century and manipulated Julian Albert into finding the stone and releasing him, using Julian as his medium to create meta-human minions to target The Flash, including The Rival, and with each fight learned more about his enemy and eventually deduced his identity. All Alchemy had to do now was to create an army of meta-humans but desiring to torment Barry further, pushed him to fix his life by creating an alternate timeline, by making his life worse. Knowing Barry would change it back and with the power to remember alternate timelines thanks to the stone, Alchemy waiting until Barry returned from Flashpoint. Then he sought to transform all individuals from that timeline, back to their meta-human selves, showing Barry that his happiness will be the damnation of everyone else. While he would have done this several months ago Barry inconvenienced him again by throwing him back into the Speed Force yet again. But luckily whatever tossed him out the first time did so again and landed him months ahead, thereby keeping own past as Alexander Petrov preserved.

S.T.A.R. Labs in daylight

I think S.T.A.R. Labs should be where the endgame occurs, especially if in the series Savitar is trying to restore Flashpoint metas. Again Alchemy could have easily done this without Savitar.

With this Barry horrifyingly realizes that his attempt to stop Alchemy only created him. For this final act Alchemy plans to use the particle accelerator to magnify the power of the stone on a global scale and transform everyone on Earth into meta-humans, at least those who survive the initial blast wave, and watch the world tear itself apart as literally everyone ranging from petty thieves to the president will be affected. Then when the weak have killed each other Alchemy will be there to lead the strong into a new world order, as the new world leader. As the machine is readied Alchemy, knowing he can't use the stone while rigged to the accelerator, uses it on himself. While Alchemy himself is already a meta-human via being a living astral projection his vessel, Julian, is not and he uses the stone on Julian to give him a number of meta-human abilities which Alchemy can access while in possession of him, while he has the stone prepped for his ultimate plan. 

Ronnie and Martin Stein separate in the singularity

I don't think Ronnie's dead and I never have. I used to think he was stuck on Earth-2, but now I'm convinced he's stuck on Earth-19.

With Caitlin and Wally under Doctor Alchemy’s control and Cisco on Earth-19, Barry enlists the aid of Jay Garrick and Jesse Quick again while Harry and HR try to infiltrate S.T.A.R. Labs to disable the accelerator while Joe moves Iris out of the city for her protection. As The Flashes confront Doctor Alchemy he forces Wally and Caitlin to fight Jay and Jesse while Barry fights Alchemy himself. However Alchemy uses a number of newly gained meta-human abilities to torture Barry, stopping him from reaching the machine as it builds to critical levels. However a breach from Earth-19 opens and Cisco with a still-alive Ronnie Raymond / Firestorm emerge, as the black hole actually sent Ronnie to Earth-19 where breaching was banned. However Gypsy learned of Ronnie's presence on Earth-19 as there is an Earth-19 Ronnie hence why she wanted Cisco to come visit to verify his story and send him back. The reason Ronnie hasn't perished from lack of merging with Stein is because he met the Earth-19 Jefferson Jackson, named Jason Rusch, who lost his partner, Earth-19 Stein, and was crippled and dying. Jason agreed to merge with Ronnie so he wouldn't die but because of his own critical condition Jason was rendered comatose during the fusion, and Ronnie is unable to seperate without Jason dying meaning his own death but this gave Ronnie a fighting chance to live and has been trying to get back to Earth-1 ever since.

The Reverse-Flash and the Flash stand at the entrance to the Pipeline

I think we do need to see a Flash and Reverse-Flash team up against a common enemy.

As Cisco uses his powers to fight Wally and Ronnie is regrettably forced to fight Caitlin, Jay and Jesse take over with Alchemy while Barry tries to stop the machine with Harry and HR but there is no stopping it. However Harry surmises that if Barry used his speed to throw up a barrier around the inner core of the machine, simultaneously overloading it with the energy released, then he should be able to implode the stone's energy back into itself to destroy it. While Barry achieves his highest speed it’s not enough to match Harry’s calculations but HR theorises that if Jay and Jesse helped with their combined speeds it might do the trick.

Savitar vs Barry and Jay

I must stress I don't have a problem with more than one heroic speedster, and I don't have a problem with evil speedsters in this show, they just use them as the main villains far too often.

While Jay and Jesse are pinned down by Doctor Alchemy he is suddenly attacked by Reverse-Flash, returning shortly after his previous encounter with Barry, who reveals his time is now a post-apocalyptic hell hole because Barry is meant to fail in this battle and doesn't wish to end his rival at the cost of his own time. While Reverse-Flash uses himself as a punching bag for Alchemy's wrath, much to Barry's amusement, Jay and Jesse help Barry with creating the barrier and when their speeds are at their peak, the accelerator explodes. While this causing all 3 Flashes unbelievable agony the barrier serves its purpose and the stone’s power implodes and destroys itself. As a result Petrov/Alchemy's spirit is destroyed and every meta-human granted powers from the stone loses them and Julian is freed as is Wally. Sadly Caitlin’s powers have warped her mind too far, and she remains Killer Frost who flees into hiding, much to Ronnie’s heartache.

Barry tells Iris about her possible future

What crueler story for Barry than to push heaven and earth to save the woman he loves from an evil maniac, only for another one to finish the job afterward?

Afterward everyone celebrates their bitter-sweet victory over Alchemy but Ronnie is still at a loss over what’s happened to Caitlin, but Barry and Cisco promise him that they will find Caitlin and restore her sanity. After Jay returns to Earth-3, Jesse and Harry return to Earth-2 with Wally so he and Jesse can be together as Earth-1 already has Barry to protect it. Now without Harry or Caitlin, Julian decides to stay on Team Flash full time to substitute in their places. However as Barry and Iris celebrate them changing the future they are still shocked to learn the 2024 newspaper still reads Julie Greer. As they try to figure it out Reverse-Flash, who went into hiding rather than return to his time after fighting Alchemy, appears and kidnaps her. Dragging Iris to the roof of S.T.A.R. Labs Eobard spitefully tells Barry that he promised to ruin his life the same way he ruined his and before Barry can react Eobard phases his hand right through Iris head, like he actually does in the comics, killing her instantly.

Eddie Thawne

I think if we see Eobard Thawne's backstory, then Rick Cosnett (Eddie) should portray him. I also think it would be symbolic if Eobard had virtually the same backstory as Barry, seeing The Flash and Reverse-Flash fight his youth and being saved by his older self from the other's wrath.

In what would be the season finale, Barry vengefully attacks Eobard and they engage in their most brutal fight yet. As Eobard enters the Speed Force to return to his time Barry follows him through, causing them to land 20 years too early in 2175, amidst the Thanagarian invasion of Earth, as mentioned in Legends 1x15. Barry and Eobard continue to fight amidst the chaos but Barry is distracted saving people from harm and sees a man with Eddie’s appearance in a lab coat and someone else calling him “Eobard”, and realizes he is looking at the Pre-Reverse-Flash version of Eobard Thawne and tries to kill him to stop Iris death and everything he's going to cause. However Reverse-Flash himself intervenes and they fight around the young Eobard who is stunned by in awe of what he is seeing. Eventually Barry is distracted saving endangered people while Reverse-Flash transports the younger Eobard to safety and vanishes before Barry can continue the fight. Barry is then forced to return home to grieve while the young Eobard has now developed a fascination with his savior, but wrongfully believes that The Flash saved his life unaware his older self saved him and The Flash was actually there to kill him, thereby sending him down the road that leads to him embracing his destiny as Reverse-Flash. 

Black Flash

I'm convinced that even if Barry saves Iris, changing the future as well as changing the past is going to push his luck too far and he'll have the Black Flash sent after him. And for that reason I'm convinced Barry is going to die at the end of this season, at least for a while.

Back in the present day everyone attends Iris' funeral but Barry is left catatonic and becomes more unhinged in the field and towards his superiors at work. Eventually Barry, against Jay’s protests, travels back in time just before Eobard kills Iris. Before he can Barry appears and snaps Eobard’s neck right in front of younger Barry and Iris. The younger Barry subsequently fades from existance, as his fight with Reverse-Flash technically never happened, at least to him, and Barry happily reunites with Iris. Despite everything now seemingly good again Barry’s troubles have only escalated as he is now confronted by the Black Flash, formerly Hunter Zolomon, who tells Barry that his reckless use of time travel in creating Flashpoint and now altering the already changed future has enraged the Speed Force. Hunter reveals that while Iris wasn’t meant to die in the Pre-Flashpoint timeline, her death is a principle point of the Post-Flashpoint timeline, created by Barry as a result of Flashpoint, and now he’s altered events past and future by saving her and now the Speed Force has deemed him unworthy of it's powers.

Barry Allen in the Speed Force

I think the season is going to end with Barry being killed and brought to the Speed Force, essentially for a time out for his actions this year.

However Hunter also reveals his slight manipulation of these events, in being present to grab the Philosopher’s stone and tossing it back out when it entered the Speed Force both times, allowing Alchemy to fullfil his plans. Despite this though Hunter still believes Barry is more in the wrong than him as Doctor Alchemy wouldn’t have done everything he did if not for Barry’s actions, as he could have found much more subtle ways to deal with Alchemy but because he was so fixated on Iris’s death he let consequences be dammed, and therefore he created a monster who almost ended the world itself, and now the Speed Force has called for Barry's death. While Barry tries to outun Black Flash he is a spectre of the Speed Force itself, and is far too fast to outrun and right in front of Iris, Hunter kills Barry and his life-force enters the Speed Force for his due punishment in manipulating the timeline numerous times as Iris is left devastated.

Ramon Industries

I am quite dissapointed this hasn't even been seen or mentioned again.

After Barry’s death everyone is left to grieve. Iris becomes a recluse only attending work and staying at home in grief while Joe starts to descends into alcoholism, and neither of them can step foot in S.T.A.R. Labs anymore out of their grief. S.T.A.R. Labs is left to Cisco as part of Barry’s will and to honor him and his brother Dante, he decides to rebuild it and renames it “Ramon Industries” and begins selling his tech-apps to the public. Wally decides to continue his crusade as Kid Flash to honor Barry’s legacy and atone for everything he did under Alchemy’s control. Sadly however, as Wally is now the only Earth-1 speedster, he and Jesse are forced to part ways so they can protect their respective Earths. 

Julian Albert

I think it would be great if Julian stayed on the show, espeically if Caitlin is turning into Killer Frost and without a Wells on the team, as HR doesn't really count, the team needs a specialist like Julian.

Cisco and HR agree that the city still needs a Flash to protect it and they continue serving Team Flash aiding Kid Flash's heroics instead. Ronnie also decides to remain on the team determined to find Caitlin and help her regain her sanity. To substitute for Caitlin and Wells, both Harry and Eobard as HR isn’t a scientist, Julian remains on the team also seeking to atone for everything Alchemy made him do. As they are now operating from Ramon Industries they have, as HR intended with the S.T.A.R. Labs Museum, much better cover for their operations. Wally also discovers that the 2024 newspaper while it still reads “Flash Missing Vanishes in Crisis” is now focused on Wally as The Flash using a silver and red suit, hinting he is going to succeed his foster brother's mantle as The Flash one day. It is also once against written by Iris West, but not Iris West-Allen sadly. 


How ironic would it be if some version of Eobard succeeded in ending Barry, only for his 22nd century life to become because worse because of it.

Meanwhile in the year 2195 the Reverse-Flash emerges from the Speed Force after killing Iris and battling The Flash in 2175 around his younger self. Due to the Speed Force he was protected from his younger self’s death via the mechanisms of time remnants, while the Speed Force preserved the fight between Barry and Reverse-Flash in 2175 thereby keeping his past intact, though historically Eobard is also considered to have been killed by Barry in 2017. When Eobard returns he learns that The Flash, as planned, died preventing Iris’ death. However this timeline change has caused the Thawne family history to be changed from well respected scientists and senators, to lowlife robbers and murderers and Eobard can't simply go back to kill Barry as he is already dead by 2017 and can only scream in rage.

The Flash

Of course Barry wouldn't stay dead, at least forever, but I think it would be a good mix up if he was actually gone for a while.

Finally to end the season, 6 months from now, a portal into the Speed Force opens and a man in a red suit races out and collapses near the yet to be built Flash Museum in late 2017. A closeup shows this man is wearing a suit almost identical to that of The Flash, but with slight alterations and is a mix of red and black rather than just red. His face also wouldn't be shown so it wouldn't be clear if this is really Barry, or some other timeline/parallel earth version of The Flash leaving the season on a cliffhanger. For those who have read the "Return of Barry Allen" storyline, which is one of my favorite Flash stories, I think you can guess where this last part of this idea is inspired from. For those of you who haven't read it I won't go into detail in case of spoilers about I highly recommend you read it if you have not, because if the actual Season 3 ending is anything like I'm suspecting it's going to be, then this storyline may be adapted next season. I hope it is and I hope they do it right! Also I completely think it's time for the Flash Meusum to make it's introduction and I think HR should be the one to design it, given his affintiy to create the S.T.A.R. Labs Meusum, though it looks like it may close.


So yea this took me forever to write but I have been very disappointed with this season and almost every episode where I've seen a fallout effect of the disappointing Flashpoint episode, I have almost immediately seen an alternative to that same story-line that doesn't involve wasting Flashpoint. Also you might argue that Flashpoint could have only been done in one episode but as shown above, a multiverse of shows with the ability to do crossovers there is no reason Flashpoint shouldn't have received a similar treatment. I might get used to Savitar later but when we're now at 3x13 and I still have yet to be impressed I'm not counting on it. I just hope the producers don't use another speedster next season because that would just be ridiculous. How can he fight non-speedsters? As said above Doctor Alchemy on his own could have been a fearsome threat. Other comic villains such as Abra Kadabra and Cobalt Blue also have big bad potential, and then far later down the track closer to the end of the series then they should have used Savitar. Anyway this is my very long ramble of simplified fanfiction, hope you enjoyed it.