Captain Cold

Sadly I don't see this happening anymore with Captain Cold.

Sorry mis-typed Rogues in the title. While we have all been dying to see Captain Cold return and finally form a proper Rogues team that consist of more than 2 criminals at a time, I don’t think we’re gonna see that since he is basically dead. Even if they somehow brought him back he kinda had a change of heart and to have him fall back into his criminal ways would be kinda sad. Then again maybe they’ll bring in some Earth-2 version of him or some crap I don’t know but going within the realm of what’s established I think we do need a Rouges team up and I know the one villain who could legitimately fill in for Captain Cold: Killer Frost! It is sad that Caitlin has turned to the dark side but I kinda hope she stays this way for a while at least because Killer Frost is awesome and her being a villain provides numerous potential storylines for Team Flash, with Barry and Cisco having to fight one of their former best friends as she becomes a mass murderer while they try to restore her sanity.

Killer Frost vs Vibe

I'd love to see Caitlin leading the Rouges against the very team she was helping.

I think it’d be awesome if part of this included a two-part episode where Killer Frost seeks to rid herself of Team Flash and become the criminal kingpin, well queenpin, of Central City and gathers Barry’s most dangerous enemies into the Rogues and they go on a crime spree and Barry has to fight all his enemies at once. I think it could also be very emotional to see Team Flash try to reach her whilst she is literally becoming the most feared meta-human in Central City. It would also be interesting to see Killer Frost trying to manage a gang of lunatics even with her powers keeping them in line, because despite her insanity she isn’t a criminal mastermind and these lunatics have been doing this a lot longer than she has. Maybe if she has moments where Caitlin takes back over for brief moments while Killer Frost tries to keep her buried, they could pick up on this and take advantage to start a mutiny leading to in-fighting. This could also leave the possibility of her regaining her sanity open for a redemption story later. If it were up to me an ideal Rogues gallery with Killer Frost leading would include Mirror Master, Top, Weather Wizard, Pied Piper and Dr. Light.

I think the Rogues as an actual 5+ person team up are long overdue but sadly I don’t see any way Captain Cold can lead them but honestly I’d be glad if they subbed with Killer Frost because that would be awesome.