Deathstroke has made it pretty clear if he ever gets off Lian Yu, Felicity is his next victim. I think him killing her would be poetic, because if he'd killed her in "Unthinkable" the show could have been so much different.

"How's the girl with the glasses? What's her name? Felicity?" - Anyone remember this chilling quote Slade Wilson said back in 3x14? He made it pretty clear that if he ever gets off Lian Yu then the first person he’ll pay a visit to is Felicity Smoak. Quite frankly I’m counting on it. Felicity is a character that has long over stayed her welcome on this show and does the show absolutely no justice and is the one thing keeping an otherwise epic season, from being completely epic. She may have been adorable during the first season, and I re-watched it recently so I know it’s true, but since the third season the stupid choice to pair her and Oliver together has done nothing but ruin the show, and left us only investing in every character except the two the show is focused on, and that’s for the people who stayed during all the anguish and drama. This season they have tried to geek her up again but it's just not working because I for one can't see past the whining and crying b*** that ruined Season 3 and Season 4. I think for the sake of the program she needs to go and it would be poetic of Slade does it.

Laurel Lance (Earth One)

I'm not angry about Laurel getting killed anymore, I thank the recent LOT episode "Aruba" for that, but I still blame her death on Felicity's existence.

People could say this might break Oliver but honestly is already broken and it started the day he lost the true love of his life Laurel Lance! I'm not angry about Laurel's death anymore as I have been, the recent Legends of Tomorrow episode she guest stared in gave her proper closure in my opinion, for those who red my previous post on my interpretation of the Sara and Laurel scene you’ll know what I mean. Very sad but heartwarming. However I still blame Laurel’s death on Felicity because she only exists in the show now because of the idiot twitter fans, and they basically prevented Laurel from achieving her full potential. People could also argue that Felicity is irreplaceable but the fact that they showed a willingness to kill Laurel Lance also demonstrated to me that no character is irreplaceable. No joke I am actually preparing for the very real possibility that Savitar will kill Iris West in The Flash and she will stay dead. Yea I know how could they kill Iris West-Allen the comic wife of The Flash? Well Black Canary is the comic wife of Green Arrow. Look how that turned out.

Mr. Terrific

Curtis is just one of 4 possible replacements I can think of, he's just the most convenient since we already know him.

I think Felicity dying is what this show needs and it’s not like they couldn’t just find someone else to do what she does. Curtis Holt / Mr. Terrific has demonstrated highly advanced engineering skills and computer hacking skills, not Felicity level but people get more experienced with time, and he even substituted for Felicity in 4x17. If the producers are too stupid to think of that then there is a comic character called Naomi Singh who basically does the same as her. If not Naomi then they could bring in a revamped version of Smallville’s Chloe Sullivan. If not Chloe then they could bring in the actual Barbra Gordon / Oracle character Felicity is based off. My point is there are so many ways Felicity can be replaced it’s not funny and there really is no purpose for her anymore.

One last note, if the producers weren’t trying to make the Arrowverse a Game of Thrones equivalent, in terms of how unexpectedly characters die, then congratulations they failed miserably.